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Firth of Rómenna

The Firth of Rómenna was a small body of water that had a narrow eastern opening into the Bay of Rómenna on the eastern side of Númenor. Its northern shore bordered Orrostar while its western end and southern shore bordered Arandor. The firth was the location for the city of Rómenna, the chief port of Númenor.[1]

The young Prince Aldarion spent all the time that he could at his grandfather Vëantur's house, which was on the south side of the firth.[2]

In the later days of Númenor, the Faithful were compelled to live in Rómenna by Ar-Gimilzôr. In the time of Ar-Pharazôn this constraint turned out to be a blessing, for the nine ships of Elendil that lay in the firth were protected from the first effects of the downfall of the island and were able to escape to the shores of Middle-earth.[3]


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