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Following the Orcs

Following the Orcs
Scene from
The Lord of the Rings (1978 film)
The Lord of the Rings (1978 film) - Following the Orcs.png
Scene number25
EventThree Hunters chase Orcs through Rohan
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Following the Orcs is the twenty-fifth scene of the 1978 film The Lord of the Rings.

[edit] Synopsis

While the boat carrying Boromir flows away on the river, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli discuss what to do: take the last boat, or follow the Orcs. Though Legolas argues that Merry and Pippin may very well be dead by now, Aragorn counters that the fate of the Ring-bearer is no longer in their hands: the Company of the Ring has served its purpose. They chase the Orcs.

The Orcs have some distance on them. Merry and Pippin are forced to run with them, and are whipped along the way. Pippin falls, and an Orc captain berates him for it. He then asks Grishnákh for a drink, and when Grishnakh does not respond quick enough, knocks him over. He gives drink to the hobbits, who are less than pleased with the taste. The captain explains they will not get bed, or breakfast, until they reach Isengard.

Aragorn finds the brooch, dropped by Pippin. He deduces that the troop of Orcs is almost a day ahead, and at least one of the Hobbits is still alive. He asks his companions whether to stay the night, or continue the hunt. Legolas favours continuing, Gimli favours a rest. When he learns they will not be resting, Gimli cries "I cannot run all the way to Isengard!"

[edit] Cast

Role Actor
Aragorn John Hurt (voice)
Legolas Anthony Daniels
Gimli David Buck
Merry Simon Chandler
Pippin Dominic Guard
Grishnakh Unspecified
Orc Captain Unspecified

[edit] Differences from source material

  • Aragorn finds the brooch, but nowhere did Pippin drop it on-screen.