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"Tower of Tar-Meneldur" by Matěj Čadil
Forostar was the northern promontory of Númenor, a land of rocks, cliffs and high moors with woods of fir and larch.[1] It stretched some two hundred miles from its southern borders with the Mittalmar to its North Cape.[2] The great road from Rómenna to Andúnië passed through its southern parts, at the place known as Ondosto.[1]

The lands farther north, toward the Cape, became rockier and more mountainous. In the far north was a region around the peak of Sorontil, where the landscape fell sheer into the sea forming tremendous cliffs. This was the abode of Eagles, and also the dwelling-place of Meneldur Elentirmo, heir to Númenor's throne and a watcher of the stars, who built a great tower here to follow the movements of the heavens.[1]


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