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Fortinbras Took I

Fortinbras Took I
Biographical Information
LocationGreat Smials, Tuckborough
BirthS.R. 1145
RuleS.R. 1201 - 1248
DeathS.R. 1248 (aged 103)
ParentageFerumbras Took II
Physical Description

Fortinbras Took I was the twenty-fifth Thain of the Shire.

[edit] History

Fortinbras was the son of Ferumbras II. He inherited the Thainship upon his father's death in S.R. 1201, and passed it on to his son Gerontius after his death.[1]

[edit] Etymology

Fortinbras is the name of two characters in Shakespeare's Hamlet. It is French for "strong in arms".[2]


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Fortinbras Took I
Took Family
Born: S.R. 1145 Died: S.R. 1248
Preceded by:
Ferumbras Took II
25th Thain of The Shire
S.R. 1201 - 1248
Followed by:
Gerontius Took