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Hello everybody,

I wonder...would it be possible, on the webpage, to add something about:

- pronouns: not only subject, but also possessive...and all forms,
and also other pronouns, like "who" and things like that.
- superlatives, comparators, negation, restriction, question...etc ?

This would be great I guess, and I am not really confident about doing this alone. Ambrym

Thanks for your thoughts, Ambrym! I'm myself only a beginner in learning Tolkienian Elvish, so there's not much I can say about the grammar of Quenya at this point. However, I don't think you should hesitate about adding something to the article in question. Just take care to add references for anything you write (preferably use Tolkien's own writings). We are not likely to quickly have an article covering all aspects of Quenya grammar, especially since the topic is complex (Tolkien never published a detailed, final "grammar book", and his thoughts on the issue can only be found throughout scattered sources, often containing conflicting information - ). --Morgan 22:51, 29 November 2010 (UTC)