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I'm trying to find a copy of "The Road Goes Ever On". There are several I've identified online but I need confirmation that the version I'm considering ordering includes a CD.

The following links to an Amazon UK page for the title:


As far as I can tell, this is an edition that includes a CD. One of the reviews mentions a CD, but this image doesn't have the sticker indicating a CD that an image on the Gateway has. Nor is a CD listed as part of the package.

Yet, this site, the Tolkien Gateway, identifies this as the 3rd edition and as including a CD.

So, I'm confused and throw myself at the mercy of the forum. I won't hold anyone responsible if I order and receive the book without a CD, but can anyone tell me that there is a reasonable chance that ordering this edition from Amazon UK will get me the CD?

Thanks to all, in advance.


I've got the third edition and it has the CD. Maybe the photograph of the cover was before they slapped the sticker on? I'm not familiar with third editions without the CD. -- Ederchil 13:38, 1 July 2008 (EDT)