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I think this maybe a new theory on what Tom Bombadil is, but not sure, it may have been suggested before.

Could it be that Tom is a manifestation of the Flame Imperishable? See link....

One of the issues relating to all Tom theories is that he was the first, and will be the last. We know from the Silmarillion that the Valar were the first to descend into Arda, but Tom claims he was there before all else. The only thing that could have been there before the Valar that could possibly turn into tom is the Flame.

In the link, pay particular attention to the notes.... If we follow this line of thought, the 'mythical' universe was lost, and the physical came into being, at the time of the Downfall of NĂºmenor, when the West-that-was was taken away from the World, and the World itself was made 'bent' (that is, round). What this profound separation would have meant for the Flame Imperishable, we are not told.

Maybe when the world became bent, Tom became manifest of the Flame. Just because he said he was there from the beginning, doesn't have mean he was in the form of Tom.

Fatherless - Makes sense as the flame? The ring has no power over him - Also fits.

The only issue with this theory is, that it is made apparent that Tom would be in danger if Sauron were to succeed. My only answer to this is that Tom is a manifestation of the Flame, and not the Flame itself. The Flame still resides at the heart of Arda, and could possibly take a new form if Tom were destroyed?

Anyway this was written hastily and not a great deal of thought has gone into it...just thought I would throw it out into the mix.