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Forgive me for contributing as an anon. I'm a wiki member of Wookieepedia— See [1]. Anyway, as a LotR and Arda fan, I was wondering if the various video games deserve mention on this wiki. Obviously, they are not canonical at all, but they do (usually) document canonical events. I was thinking at the least some of the major characters should have a mention in their articles, but I'm just placing the idea out here for everyone to think about. Mae govannen.

Glad to see another Wookieepedia member :) Video and PC games are definitely something we plan to focus on in the near future. There really isn't any decent game archiving sites out there other than this one which is quite dated. We have some articles listed at Category:Games but that is far from satisfactory. Thanks for your input and we'll try to start work on this area sooner. Don't be a stranger :) --Hyarion 01:06, 15 January 2007 (EST)