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The Lord of the Rings Online tapestry: "Frealaf defeats Wulf Frecason in Meduseld"
Biographical Information
Other namesHildeson
TitlesKing of Rohan
LanguageRohirric and Westron
BirthT.A. 2726
RuleT.A. 27592798
DeathT.A. 2798 (aged 72)
HouseHouse of Eorl
ChildrenBrytta Léofa
Physical Description
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Fréaláf Hildeson (Third Age 27262798, aged 72 years) was the tenth King of Rohan, and the first King of the second line.


[edit] History

Fréaláf was the son of Hild, and thus the sister-son of Helm Hammerhand. When Rohan was invaded by the Dunlendings led by Wulf in T.A. 2758, Fréaláf was among the Rohirrim who took refuge in Dunharrow. However King Helm and his sons were killed in the invasion and the siege of the Hornburg in 2759, and Fréaláf was his heir.

Early in the spring Fréaláf led a daring surprise raid against the Dunlendings that recaptured Edoras and managed to reclaim it. With aid from Gondor, he eventually drove the Dunlendings back across both the rivers Isen and Adorn, freeing all of Rohan.[1] Those Dunlendings who had occupied Isengard were starved until they capitulated and left the fortress.[2]

At his coronation the Wizard Saruman suddenly appeared after years of absence. Saruman offered Fréaláf his support and friendship which Fréaláf accepted, as Rohan was just recovering from the war and the Long Winter. On Fréaláf's advice, Beren, Steward of Gondor, lent Saruman the keys to Orthanc, giving him Isengard to dwell in on the condition that he must protect it from another conquest by the Dunlendings.

He ruled for 39 years, and was succeeded by his son Brytta Léofa at his death in 2798.[1]

[edit] Etymology

Fréaláf is an Old English name. It means "surviving lord" and consists of fréa ("lord") and laf ("leaving").[3]

[edit] Genealogy

2668 - 2741
Helm Hammerhand
2691 - 2759
d. 2758
d. 2759
2726 - 2798
Brytta Léofa
2752 - 2842
2780 - 2851

[edit] Portrayal in adaptations

2012: The Lord of the Rings Online:

A tapestry depicting Fréaláf killing Wulf is found in Meduseld and can be acquired for use in player's houses.


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House of Eorl
Born: T.A. 2726 Died: T.A. 2798
Preceded by:
10th King of Rohan
T.A. 27592798
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