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Freedom, Fate and Choice in Middle-earth

Freedom, Fate and Choice in Middle-earth
Freedom, Fate and Choice in Middle-earth.jpg
EditorChristopher Kreuzer
IllustratorJef Murray
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
Released16 August 2012
SeriesPeter Roe Memorial Fund
Preceded byTolkien: Influenced and Influencing

Freedom, Fate and Choice in Middle-earth is a collection of the proceedings of the 21st Tolkien Society Seminar held at Roehampton University in 2008. The book was published by The Tolkien Society in 2012 under the auspices of the Peter Roe Memorial Fund.

[edit] Contents

  • "Voices of a Music - Models of Free Will in Tolkien's Middle-earth" by Troels Forchhammer
  • "Fate and Freedom in Tolkien's World: Unresolvable Paradox?" by Charles E. Noad
  • "The Fiat of Ilúvatar's Children during the War of the Ring" by Anne Marie Gazzolo
  • "Who Forged Frodo's Fate? The Elves or Himself?" by Sultana Raza
  • "Frodo's Fate" (poem) by Sultana Raza

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