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Biographical Information
AffiliationSauron, Morgoth
DeathF.A. 460
Tarn Aeluin; killed by Beren
Notable forleading the band who massacred Barahir and his company
Physical Description

Gorgol the Butcher was an orc captain during the First Age.[1] He is noted as being the leader of the band who slew Barahir and his men at Tarn Aeluin and as such claimed the hand of Barahir which he was ordered by Sauron to retrieve to prove the feat. His greed overcame his loyalty and he took the Ring of Barahir for himself, vowing to swear before his master that the hand was bare. Shortly after, Gorgol's orcs were attacked by Beren, Barahir's son, and slain, Beren reclaiming his father's ring.


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