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Hair of Galadriel

The Hair of Galadriel was described as golden touched with silver and seemed to shine with the light of the Two Trees of Valinor. Fëanor requested a strand of Galadriel's hair three times, but she refused each time. Gimli of the Fellowship of the Ring was asked which gift he would like prior to leaving Lothlórien, and he responded:

"'There is nothing, Lady Galadriel', said Gimli, bowing low and stammering. 'Nothing, unless it might be - unless it is permitted to ask, nay, to name a single strand of your hair, which surpasses the gold of the earth as the stars surpass the gems of the mine. I do not ask for such a gift. But you commanded me to name my desire'."
Gimli, Farewell to Lórien

Galadriel's response surprised all of the Elves, she granted Gimli's wish and gave him three golden strands of her hair, which were later set in crystal as a "pledge of good will between the Mountain and the Wood until the end of days."[1]

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