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Sloganle Dragon de Brume
("The Dragon of Mist")
Alexa rank1,312,933 (
TypeScholarly articles, essays and dictionary; e-zine
LanguageFrench (main website);
English, French and German (dictionary)
OwnerDidier Willis
Launch date1997

Hiswelókë (Quenya for "Dragon of Mist"), is a French-language website founded in 1997 by Didier Willis seeking to popularise scholarship of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien through French-language articles and essays.

In the earlier days of the website, some articles and essays were originally collected into various editions of an e-zine,[1] but as this is no longer the case each article is now freely available independently. Aside from fan fiction, the website includes articles on botany, linguistics, geography, mythology, onomastics (the study of names) and reviews of other pieces of scholarly work.

Specifically, from October 23, 1999[2] the project has included Hiswelókë's Sindarin dictionary which aims to create a complete Sindarin dictionary - including annotations and relevant amendments - aimed at satisfying the requirements of both serious scholars and casual fans.[3] Aside from online wordlists, the project also includes downloadable XML lexicons, and the Dragon Flame and Hesperides freeware applications.

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