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Biographical Information
Other namesRoper Gamgee
BirthS.R. 1285
DeathS.R. 1384 (aged 99)
ParentageHob Gammidge and Rowan
ChildrenAndy, Hamfast, May and Halfred
Physical Description

Hobson was the son of Hob Gammidge. He was the first to adopt the family's birth place as a family name, with his byname Roper Gamgee.

[edit] History

Hobson was the son of Hob Gammidge, and had four children: Andy, Ham, May and Halfred.[1]

Hobson owned a ropewalk in Tighfield. After his death, Andy took over business, and took the surname "Roper".[2]

[edit] Etymology

Hobson was fittingly named the "Son of Hob. His byname "Roper Gamgee" he earned from his profession and the birthplace of his ancestors, Gamwich. His two eldest sons would each use part of the byname as a surname: Andwise Roper and Hamfast Gamgee.


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