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Host of the West (Arnor)

The name Host of the West refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Host of the West (disambiguation).
Host of the West (Arnor)
Date foundedT.A. 1975
FounderCirdan and Eärnur
PurposeTo save the North-kingdom
Notable membersDúnedain and Northmen of Rhovanion; Elves of Lindon and Rivendell; Hobbits[1]
LocationThe Host was drawn from all parts of northwestern Middle-earth
DisbandedT.A. 1975
Notable forDefeating Angmar and the Witch-King

The Host of the West was a combined allied force of Elves and Dúnedain during the Angmar War.


[edit] Formation

The host composed of a vast army from Gondor (actually just a small force compared to the full might of Gondor)[1] that arrived in a massive fleet, which could barely find harborage, even after filling Forlond, Harlond, and the Grey Havens.

Although Eärnur's arrival at Mithlond was extremely praised, the horses were praised, for many of them came from the Vales of Anduin and with them were riders tall and fair, and proud princes of Rhovanion.[1]

Círdan, Master of the Grey Havens, summoned all who would fight from the Elves of Lindon, as well as the remnants of the Dúnedain of the North.[1] Among the forces of former Arthedain were some Hobbits from the Shire.[1]

The main body of the Allies' horsemen, was to pass around the hills to surprise Fornost from the north.

[edit] History

In T.A. 1973 Arthedain was in danger and King Eärnil II sent his son Prince Earnur and a massive fleet to their aid. After Arnor fell to Angmar, Prince Eärnur, in his capacity as Captain of Gondor, reached belatedly Lindon with his fleet to the aid of Arthedain.

Although it was too late, the fleet and the host it brought, seemed so massive, that there was much joy and wonder among Elves and Men.[1] The allied host, led by Cirdan and Earnur, marched east across the river Lune to Fornost to challenge the Witch-king, and crushed him at the Battle of Fornost (T.A. 1975).

After the main part of the Battle, the Host was joined by a force of Elves of Rivendell led by Glorfindel, who chased the Witch-king.[1]

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