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General Information
LocationIn Mittalmar, near Emerië; Númenor
DescriptionPasturelands used for grazing sheep

Hyarastorni was an area in Mittalmar, the central region of Númenor. During the reign of Tar-Meneldur the lord of Hyarastorni was Hallatan, who was known as the Sheep-lord since the pasturelands of Mittalmar were commonly used for the grazing of sheep.

In S.A. 882, Aldarion came to the White House of Erendis. He was received so coldly that he stayed but one night and then departed to the house of his cousin, Hallatan. Arriving in Hyarastorni, Aldarion beheld the warm homecoming that his companion Ulbar was enjoying. In a mixture of wrath and bitterness he gave Ulbar's wife a fiery red jewel that had been meant for Erendis and then rode away for Armenelos.[1]


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