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Physical Description
LocationSoutheastern Aman
Belongs toThe Pelóri
DescriptionOne of the tallest mountain peaks of Aman

Hyarmentir (Q, pron. [çarˈmentir]) was a mighty mountain to the south and east of Valinor, perhaps of the Pelóri.[1][2] It was one of the tallest in Aman, but not as Taniquetil to the north, which was the tallest of the world.

Melkor and Ungoliant climbed it, as Ungoliant wrought her webs between clefts and pinnacles. From its summit, they looked out over the Tree-lit land of the Valar, before they descended Hyarmentir's long, shallow western slopes and set out to destroy the light of the Two Trees.[3]

[edit] Etymology

Hyarmentir is Quenya. The first element in the name is hyarmen ("south").[4] The second element is likely tir ("watch").

It probably means "south-watch".[1]


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