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Biographical Information
TitlesThe Númenórean
BirthT.A. 1950
DeathT.A. 2076 (aged 126)
HouseHouse of Dol Amroth
ChildrenGalador, Gilmith
Physical Description

Imrazôr was a Gondorian Prince of Belfalas at the end of the second millennium of the Third Age. He was said to have wedded an Elf-maid named Mithrellas, a wandering companion of Nimrodel. His son Galador was the first Prince of Dol Amroth.[1]

[edit] Etymology

The meaning of the name is not known, however it includes Adûnaic zôr which means "flame" or "foam".

The first element imra (perhaps from *imar) is not translated but it also appears in the name Imrahil and perhaps Imâr.

[edit] Other Versions of the Legendarium

In an early manuscript Imrazôr and not his son was numbered as the first Prince of Dol Amroth.[2]

[edit] Note

Nowhere is it explained why a man living in Gondor late in the Third Age would have the epithet of "The Númenórean".

[edit] References

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