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Leonid Korablev Calendar

Leonid Korablev Calendar 1995.jpg

The Leonid Korablev Calendar is a single-sheet calendar created in 1995. It is actually a syncretic or 'universal' calendar which combines the Reckoning of Rivendell and the King's Reckoning, neatly fitting the 12 astar of the latter in the 6 ‘seasons’ of the former, and these regularized in the astronomical positions of the Sun and Moon as observed by the peoples of Middle-earth.

For example, the year begins on the yestare of 25 March (vernal equinox, which is also the Cormare); the first asta is Víresse, being the first half of the ‘season’ Tuile.

Each ‘season’ has normally 54 days since each month has 27 days. The exceptions are the ‘seasons’ Laire and Hríve who last 72 days since each of their astar are 36 days long.

As in the Shire Reckoning, the days of the week are fixed to each date. That means that 1 Víresse of each year, falls always on day Elenya.

  • Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 6 inches

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