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Letter to Misses E. Jones and J. Taylor

Misses E. Jones and J. Taylor 20 October 1958.jpg

On 20 October 1958, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Misses E. Jones and J. Taylor.[1]

  • Description: 4 pages, small 4to, autograph letter.[1]

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[In the letter, Tolkien is] apologising for his lack of reply and describing himself as "a much harassed man". He notes that since publication of The Lord of the Rings "it was discovered how I had wasted my time for the last many years", stating his "intention of publishing the legends of the Beginning and the First and Second Age", that "co-ordinating the large mass of written material" will be "a lot of work" and that "with luck (which has not notably attended me since 1956) they may appear in 1960".

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