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Letter to Rose MacNamara

Rose MacNamara 12 September 1966.jpg

On 12 September 1966, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a letter to Rose MacNamara (née Murphy).[1]

  • Comments: Tolkien wrote Rose the letter just before she took her vows as a Nun in India.[1]
  • Description: Handwritten letter.

[edit] Transcript

My dear Rose,

I hear from your dear mother that you made your final profession, and I send you my congratulations (a weak word alas!), and best wishes: I should say my deep and respectful admiration, and sense of privilege in having known you and being still remembered by you. God bless you in all your days on earth – now so unhappy, though I think it has often (or usually) been quite as unhappy, if perhaps never in such great peril. Your mother has perhaps told you that my eldest son, Fr John, said a (Latin) mass for your dear father, and I served it. Spare me a prayer of your sweet charity: I have need.

Yours very sincerely

JRR Tolkien


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