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"a complete consistency [...] is not to be looked for, and could only be achieved, if at all, at heavy and needless cost." — Christopher Tolkien
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Biographical Information
Other namesLittleheart
Ilfiniol, Elfriniol, Elfriniel, Ilfrith, Elfrith
LocationTol Eressëa
Physical Description

Ilfrin, called Littleheart, was an elf of Tol Eressëa, who told the tales of the Fall of Gondolin and the Nauglafring in The Book of Lost Tales Part Two. In his own tale of the Nauglafring it is said by Ailios that only Littleheart son of Bronweg had seen the Nauglafring and still was alive.[1]

In the earlier legendarium, the Book of Lost Tales included, he was named Ilfiniol (also Elfriniol, Elfriniel, and Ilfrith, Elfrith).[2]

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