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Music in Middle-earth

Music in Middle-earth
Music in Middle-earth.png
EditorHeidi Steimel and Friedhelm Schneidewind
IllustratorAnke Eissmann
PublisherWalking Tree Publishers
Released3 January 2010
SeriesCormarë Series
Preceded byTolkien's View
Followed byThe Ecological Augury in the Works of JRR Tolkien

Music in Middle-earth is a 2010 book investigating the use of song and music within J.R.R. Tolkien's stories. It is published as No. 20 in the Cormarë Series.

[edit] From the publisher

From the Grand Theme that the Ainur played before Ilúvatar at the beginning of the world, to the various songs encountered or sung by the characters of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the world that J.R.R. Tolkien created contains numerous references to song and music. Indeed, musical elements form an integral part of his narratives. It is therefore surprising that, until now, discussion of this aspect of Tolkien's sub-creation has been sparse in secondary literature. The 14 papers presented in this volume set out to address this important gap.

Besides musical references found in Tolkien's own works, the scope of Middle-earth music has over the years been further extended by various attempts to either set Tolkien's song texts to music, or to create derivative musical works. Such creations range from the songs and music of the various films and radio adaptions to such phenomena as Tolkien-inspired Black Metal. Besides the musical refences found in Tolkien's own writings, this volume also looks at these works.

[edit] Contents

  • Foreword
  • Part A: Creation and Music
    • "Behold Your Music!": The Themes of Ilúvatar, the Song of Aslan, and the Real Music of the Spheres
    • Tonality, Atonality and the Ainulindalë
      • By: Reuven Naveh
    • Ainulindalë: Tolkien, St. Thomas, and the Metaphysics of the Music
      • By: Jonathan McIntosh
  • Part B: Music in Tolkien's World
    • A Speculative History of the Music of Arda
      • By: Steven Linden
    • "Bring Out the Instruments!": Instrumental Music in Middle-earth
      • By: Heidi Steimel
    • The Harp in Middle-earth
      • By: Norbert Maier (translated from German by Heidi Steimel)
  • Part C: Influences of Our World on Tolkien's Music
    • Music, Myth, and Literary Depth in the "Land ohne Musik"
      • By: Gregory Martin
    • Strains of Elvish Song and Voices: Victorian Medievalism, Music, and Tolkien
    • Sleeps a Song in Things Abounding: J.R.R. Tolkien and the German Romantic Tradition
      • By: Julian Eilmann (translated from German by Heidi Steimel)
    • "They Began to Hum Softly": Some Soldiers' Songs of World Wars I and II and of Middle-earth Compared and Contrasted
      • By: Murray Smith
  • Part D: Interpretations of Tolkien's Music in Our World
    • An Impenetrable Darkness: An Examination of the Influence of J.R.R. Tolkien on Black Metal Music
      • By: Michael Cunningham
    • Microphones in Middle-earth: Music in the BBC Radio Play
      • By: Paul Smith
    • Elven Music in Our Times
      • By: Mira Sommer (translated from German by Marie-Noëlle Biemer)
    • Making Texts Audible: A Workshop Report on Setting Tolkien to Music
      • By: Fabian Geier (translated from German by Heidi Steimel)
  • Appendix
    • Embodying the Voices: Documentation of a Failure
      • By: Friedhelm Schneidewind (translated from German by Heidi Steimel)
  • Afterword: Greater Music Still Shall be Made

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