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Other Hands 15/16

Other Hands 15/16 is an issue of Other Hands, a magazine devoted to MERP.

  • Published: January 1997

[edit] Contents

  • Editorial: Arnor... With a Vengeance - Chris Seeman
  • Communications - School of Elven Studies, Association of Friends of Tolkien in France
  • Digital Hands - Fredrik Ekman
  • The Making of Arnor: A Conversation with Wesley J. Frank - Chris Seeman
  • Servants of Angmar - Wesley J. Frank
  • The Beggar-king of Tharbad - Sam Daish
  • A Dog's Life - Sam Daish
  • The Peoples of Eriador in the Second Age - Michael Martinez
  • The Indigenous Population of Eriador and Gondor - Andreas Möhn
  • Product Review: Middle-earth: The Dragons - Marco Antonio Blanco Navarrete
  • Product Review: Middle-earth: The Wizards - Marco Antonio Blanco Navarrete