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Peony Baggins

Peony Baggins
Biographical Information
LocationThe Shire
BirthS.R. 1350
ParentagePosco Baggins and Gilly Brownlock
SiblingsPonto and Porto
SpouseMilo Burrows
ChildrenMosco, Moro, Myrtle and Minto
Physical Description

Peony Baggins (born S.R. 1350) was a Hobbit of the Shire.

[edit] History

Peony was the youngest child of Posco Baggins and Gilly Brownlock, with two older brothers, Ponto and Porto. She married Milo Burrows and they had four children: Mosco, Moro, Myrtle and Minto.[1]

[edit] Etymology

Peony is a genus of the buttercup family of perennial plants with flowers.


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