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Prologue (Mines of Moria)

"We have a long way to go, and there is time ahead for thought." — Treebeard
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Prologue (Mines of Moria) is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Prologue is the first quest arc of Mines of Moria.

Mines of Moria books

Book I: The Walls of Moria
Book II: Echoes in the Dark
Book III: The Lord of Moria
Book IV: Fire and Water
Book V: Drums in the Deep
Book VI: The Shadowy Abyss
Book VII: Leaves of Lórien
Book VIII: Scourge of Khazad-dûm
Book IX: Fortress of the Nazgul
Epilogue: Of Elves and Dwarves


[edit] Summary

[edit] Forward: Unlikely Fellowship

A Dwarf or Elf player character will be sent to speak with Elrond in his library in the Last Homely House in Rivendell. Elrond hints at the Quest of the Ring and mentions two members of the Fellowship: Gimli the Dwarf and Legolas the Elf. He says they must work together if the Fellowship is to succeed, but Elves and Dwarves can be reluctant to do so. He tasks the player with aiding Gimli and Legolas with their preparations in the hopes that it will help them set aside their differences.

[edit] Forward: Sons and Fathers

Gimli speculates about the possibility of Gandalf allowing the Fellowship to visiting Balin in Khazad-dûm, and the possible recovery of Thrór's Ring from Moria. For his preparations, he tasks the player with traveling to his father Glóin's camp in the Misty Mountains to ask the elder Dwarf about these matters. Glóin dismisses his son's speculation on Thrór's ring, mentioning that Gandalf told the story of the ring's fate at the Council of Elrond. He goes on to remind the player that though all his people desire to see Khazad-dûm restored, no word has come from Balin's colony for many years. He then advises the player to speak with Gandalf about the possibility of entering Moria. The Wizard also criticizes Gimli for his lack of attention and elaborates briefly on the fate of Thrór's ring. He tells the player that he will not muse uselessly on Balin's fate, and that Gimli needs to stay focused on the errand of the Fellowship. Upon the player's return to Gimli, Gimli thanks the player and expresses his hope that Balin's efforts succeed.

[edit] Forward: What Road for the Elves?

For his preparations, Legolas tasks the player with sending his apologies to two fellow Elves he may have offended at the Council by arguing too harshly. He asks the player to seek out Erestor and after sending his apologies to ask for the location of Galdor of the Havens. Erestor says an apology is unnecessary, he was merely uncertain of the fate of the Elves if the Ring were to be destroyed but now sees the wisdom of the quest. Similarly, Galdor informs the player that he has already forgiven Legolas and now realizes the course chosen by the Council is the only true solution. As a sign of his forgiveness, he gives the player a white knife to gift to Legolas. Legolas accepts the tidings and the knife with gratitude and happiness, and vows to bear the knife in honor of Erestor and Galdor's friendship.

[edit] Forward: Bulwark of the West

A Race of Man player character will be sent to speak with Elrond in his library. The Elf-Lord tasks the player with helping two fellow Men, Aragorn son of Arathorn and Boromir of Gondor, with their preparations to travel as part of the Fellowship of the Ring. Aragorn and Boromir are staying in the guest rooms on the other side of the valley.

[edit] Forward: The Strength of Men

Boromir is pleased to see another of his race and expresses his impatience to depart on the quest. In hopes of having something to do, he tasks the player with asking the sentinels at the southern entrance of the valley if they have need of his assistance guarding the borders. The sentinels politely decline Boromir's offer, reminding the player that Rivendell has been kept safe since long before the player character and Boromir were born. Boromir is disappointed by this and believes the Elves have forgotten the great deeds of Men. He next tasks the player with reminding Elf singers in the Hall of Fire of such deeds. The player recites the story of Elendil and his son's deeds during the Battle of Dagorlad to one Elf and the deeds of the Gondorian cavalry at the Battle of Fornost to another. Both times, the Elves remind the player of the part Elves played in those events and declare Elves and Men must stand together against the Enemy. The player reports back to Boromir, who declares he is at ease now that he is reminded that they do not struggle alone, but for all peoples.

[edit] Forward: Three Ways

[edit] Forward: Hobbits Far Afield

[edit] Forward: Last-minute Packing

[edit] Forward: The Walking-Stick

[edit] Forward: Hobbiton to Rivendell

[edit] Forward: The Fellowship Departs

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