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Mountain range
General Information
Other namesRed Mountains, Mountains of the East
LocationFar east of Middle-earth
TypeMountain range

The Orocarni (also called the Red Mountains) was a mountain range in the far north-east of Middle-earth made by the Valar after Melkor destroyed the Two Lamps.[1]

[edit] Geography

On the western slopes of the Orocarni grew the Wild Wood, and near a great waterfall of a river that flowed into the Inland Sea of Helcar lay the bay of Cuiviénen, where the first Elves woke.[2][3] At their northern edge, the Orocarni came close to the Ered Engrin,[1] similar to Ered Luin in the far north-west.

The locations of the four Dwarven clans who lived in the East are unknown; they might or might not have resided in the Orocarni. The distance between their mansions in the East and the Misty Mountains, specifically Gundabad, was said to be as great or greater than that of Gundabad's distance from the Blue Mountains in the West.[4]


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