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Rise of Isengard

"We have a long way to go, and there is time ahead for thought." — Treebeard
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Rise of Isengard is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
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Allies of the King books

Prologue: Messages from Lórien
Book I: Oath of the Rangers
Book II: Ride of the Grey Company
Book III: Echoes of the Dead
Book IV: Rise of Isengard
Book V: The Prince of Rohan
Book VI: Mists of Anduin
Book VII: A Fellowship Endangered
Book VIII: Into the Riddermark
Book IX: The Third Marshal
Book X: Snows of Wildermore
Book XI: The Golden Hall
Book XII: War in the Westemnet
Book XIII: The Battle of the Hornburg
Book XIV: The Waters of Isengard

Rise of Isengard is the fourth book of Allies of the King.


[edit] Summary

[edit] Chapter 1: The Departure of Lhanuch

The time has come for the Grey Company to travel south into Dunland, continuing its dangerous mission to reach Aragorn in time to be of help.

Bestowal dialogue
'We have delayed too long already. I am ready to go, <name>. Return to Halbarad in Lhanuch, and we will decide how best to proceed south into Dunland. We will leave this place behind, and none too soon! If we had left earlier, we could have left with Candaith and my fallen brothers, and not without them.'

Objective 1:
Talk to Halbarad in Lhanuch
Halbarad is in the centre of the village of Lhanuch, in Nan Laeglin. You have been told that Halbarad is assembling the Grey Company in preparation for its departure and should travel to Lhanuch for the last of the preparations before departing. Corunir: 'If we had not delayed, we might have left with our fallen brothers, and not without them. Go to Lhanuch and tell Halbarad that I will be there shortly. You will find him in the centre of the village.'Halbarad: 'Corunir is right. This delay has been costly. If what you say is true, and Saruman does know of our errand, we travel from hardship into even greater peril. And yet, we must not despair or turn from our road, or our brethren will have fallen for naught.'Halbarad sighs, his brow creased with worry.'There are two paths we could take into Dunland, and I propose that we split into smaller groups and travel each of these paths...we will be less likely to be noticed as we cross into Dunland.'Prestadír and Braigiar have scouted our options. Speak with them to hear of the two roads that we might use to enter Dunland.'

Objective 2:
Talk to Braigiar in Lhanuch
Talk to Prestadír in Lhanuch
Prestadír and Braigiar, in the centre of Lhanuch, are considering the two paths the Grey Company will take to enter Dunland. Halbarad has asked you to consult with Prestadír and Braigiar about his proposed routes into Dunland. Halbarad: 'There are two paths that we might take into Dunland. Speak with Prestadir and Braigiar concerning what they have learned about the way into Dunland.'Braigiar: 'The south-west passage into Dunland will take us through Trum Dreng, <name>. It is a forested land, where shadows pool in the hollows between hills.'As I scouted ahead, I saw emblems and totems of a horned stag, but few people. They are likely to be on the edge of the conflicts in Dunland, though if it be by their choice or by necessity I did not discover.'You are welcome to come with my group into Trum Dreng, <name>, and we will learn the truth of it.'Prestadír: 'The south-east passage into Dunland will take us through the Bonevales, an inhospitable and barren land. The crags and valleys are dusty and barren, and its people are tough, like coffin nails.'There are few souls in the Bonevales, few eyes to watch our passage. Caution must be our watch-word, stealth our constant companion. My group would welcome your presence, <name>.'

Objective 3:
Talk to Halbarad in Lhanuch
Halbarad is in the centre of Lhanuch, in Nan Laeglin. You have spoken with Prestadír and Braigiar about the paths into Dunland. Braigiar: 'I would be pleased if you would join my group on the journey into Trum Dreng, <name>. Its forested hills are steeped in shadow, cold and mysterious.'Prestadír: 'I would be honoured if you travelled with my group into the Bonevales. It is an inhospitable land and barren, and it would be good to have your company.'Halbarad: 'You have heard what we know about our possible paths into Dunland. Each way could be dangerous, and we will not know what awaits us until we get there.'Which road do you wish to take into Dunland, <name>? Each will have its dangers. Make your choice and tell Braigiar or Prestadír which group you will follow: Braigiar if you wish to travel through Trum Dreng, or Prestadír if you wish to enter the Bonevales.'

12 silver, 4 copper
Increased Reputation with The Grey Company ( 300 )
Legendary Item Experience (5,602)

[edit] Chapter 2: The Land of the Stag

[edit] Chapter 2: The Valley of Bones

[edit] Chapter 3: South-east to Galtrev

[edit] Chapter 3: South-west to Galtrev

[edit] Chapter 4: The Lower Village

[edit] Chapter 5: Catrin's Rebellion

[edit] Chapter 6: The Will to Stand

[edit] Chapter 7: Aiding Tûr Morva

[edit] The Practiced Arm

[edit] Stronger Competition

[edit] Curing the Leather

[edit] No Mercy for Traitors

[edit] Mark of the Falcon

[edit] Charm of the Huntsman

[edit] A Full History

[edit] The Unwelcome Guest

[edit] Preserved for the Journey

[edit] Rangers Put to Work

[edit] Setting Traps

[edit] Chapter 8: The Messenger of Isengard

[edit] Chapter 9: Return to Galtrev

[edit] Chapter 10: Headsmen of the Starkmoor

[edit] Chapter 11: Into the Dunbog

[edit] Chapter 12: Outliers

[edit] Chapter 13: Land of Iron

[edit] Chapter 14: Bribing Gold

[edit] Chapter 15: Friends in the Gravenwood

[edit] Chapter 16: The Watchful Presence

[edit] Chapter 17: Return to Tur Morva

[edit] Chapter 18: The Captive

[edit] Chapter 19: The Cavern of Isengard

[edit] Chapter 20: In the Presence of Saruman

[edit] Chapter 21: Servants of Saruman

[edit] Chapter 22: Feed the Prisoners

[edit] Chapter 23: The Wizards Vale

[edit] Chapter 24: A Pinch of Black Powder

[edit] Chapter 25: Final Preparations

[edit] Chapter 26: Escape from Isengard

[edit] Chapter 27: Repaying Treachery

[edit] Chapter 28: Survers

[edit] Chapter 29: City of Traitors

[edit] Chapter 30: The Rescue

[edit] Comparison with Published Work