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Black Serpent

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Anke Eißmann - Falling of the Black Serpent

The Black Serpent was a standard of the Haradrim, and especially the token of a mighty warrior and leader of Men. It was described as a black serpent upon a field of scarlet.[1]

[edit] History

At the Battle of the Pelennor Fields the great commander of the Haradrim was called the Black Serpent. He was slain by King Théoden of Rohan just before his death.

[edit] Portrayal in Adaptations

1981: The Lord of the Rings (1981 radio series):

Dernhelm warns Théoden of the coming of the Black Serpent. He kills the Serpent, but is killed by the Witch-king almost immediately after.

2001-2010: Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game:

The Black Serpent is given the name Suladân.[2]

[edit] References

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