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Ered Wethrin

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This article is about the mountain range of Beleriand. For the mountains of Mordor, see Ephel Dúath.
Ered Wethrin
Physical Description
TypeMountain Range
LocationNorthern Beleriand
InhabitantsNoldor, Sindar, Edain
General Information
Other namesThe Mountains of Shadow

The Ered Wethrin, or the Mountains of Shadow, was a mountain range in the north of Middle-earth in the First Age. They were among the mountains raised about Hithlum during the Siege of Utumno.[1]

In the south, it was an east-west range that divided Dor-lómin and Mithrim to the north from Beleriand to the south, then in the east it curved around to the northwest, forming the boundary of Hithlum. A line of hills to the southwest formed the southern boundary of Nevrast, while the Mountains of Mithrim were a northwesterly spur that separated Dor-lómin from Mithrim.

Several rivers arose in the Ered Wethrin, including Narog, Taeglin, and Sirion. The easternmost point of the Ered Wethrin reached nearly to the Echoriath, forming a steep-sided valley through which the upper Sirion ran.[2]

The Ered Wethrin disappeared beneath the waves at the end of the First Age.

[edit] Etymology

Ered Wethrin means "Shadowy Mountains" in Sindarin. It consists of ered ("mountains") and gwethrin ("shadowy").[3]


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