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Silver Leaves 4

Silver Leaves 4 ("Here be Dragons") is the fourth issue of Silver Leaves, the journal of The White Tree Fund, published 22 September 2012.

[edit] Contents

  • Colin Duriez: "A Tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien"
  • Fortinbras Proudfoot: "Dragons of Myth and Legend"
  • Dragons in Middle-earth: "A Timeline"
  • P.R. Miller: "The Quandry of Dragons"
  • Alison Baird: "The Un-Dragoning of Eustace Scrub"
  • Elijah David: "Elmarch of Lindon, the Author’s Story"
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: "Smaug’s Riddle"
  • Julie Dobbins: "Goblins in Our Midst: The Fight Against Human Trafficking"
  • Kerri-Anne Cundill-Hinds: "The Land of Doom"
  • Anne Marie Gazzolo: "The Measure of Love"
  • Kathryn Darden: "A Friend Like Sam To Be"
  • Christopher Russo: "Tuesday"
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: "Dragon is Aloft"
  • Maureen F. Mann: "Tolkien Reading Day 2011"
  • Jonathon D. Svendsen: "Dragons: The Ultimate Adversary"
  • Bernadette Barnes: "The Eye of the Dragon"
  • L. Lara Sookoo: "Interview with Dr. Dimitra Fimi"
  • L. Lara Sookoo: "Interview with The Tolkien Professor"
  • Peter S. Beagle: "Dragonsong"
  • Bennett Dobbins: "How to Train Your Dragon: A Step-by-Step Instruction Manual. . ."
  • Richard Bulze: "The Black Dragon Cup Finals Are Set!"
  • Jef Murray: "The Unmarked Byway"
  • Kathryn Darden: "Dragon Acrostic"
  • Alexa Chipman: "The Fiery Awakening"
  • Mark Ostley: "The Invention of Middle-earth"
  • L. Lara Sookoo: "The Dragon"
  • Alexandra-Felicity King: "Interview with Arjan Kiel"
  • Michael Noer: "How Much is a Dragon Worth?"
  • Kathryn Darden: "The Snow Sprite"
  • D.S. Holbrook-Foust: "Two Trees Twining: Rays of Light in the Northern Night"
  • Missy M. McClure: "Of Winds and Wings"
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: "Sacramentum Midgard: Frodo as Sacrament to Middle-earth"
  • Anne Marie Gazzolo: "Heart of Darkness"
  • Jef Murray: "The Picture Book"
  • L. Lara Sookoo: "Never Laugh at Live Dragons"
  • “Vern”: "A Sincere Letter to the Editors"
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: "Echoing the Ainur’s Song: Doug AdamsThe Music of the Lord of the Rings Films"
  • Bennett Dobbins: "The Lord of the Rings: An Overview of the Soundtracks"
  • Steven R. Dajic: "Role-Playing and the World of Tolkien"
  • Alexa Chipman: "Beowulf and the Dragon (Review)"
  • Julie Dobbins: "Middle-earth: Visions of a Modern Myth (Review)"
  • Art by Kerem Beyit, Ted Nasmith, Collen Doran, Benjamin Phillips, Tim Kirk, Leilani Amorey, Cassandra Stevens, Valentina Levshina, Jef Murray, Alexandra-Felicity King, Chris Mills, Connor Cochran, Annette Jones, Steve Thomas, Alberto Ramirez, Donato Giancola, Else Tennesse, Ann Repp, Dave DelaGardelle

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