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"... The World Ahead" to 1985
1986 to AIWĒ-
AK to Aldëa
Aldúya to Amon Hen 58
Amon Hen 59 to April 25
April 26 to August 19
August 2 to Battle of the sudden flame
Battle under the Stars to Bolli
Bombadil to Calorme
Calthendin to Codemasters
Cof to December 14
December 15 to Dungalef
Dungeon Adventure to Eldarissa
Elder Children of Iluvatar to Ered Mithrin
Ered Nimrais to Fcl
Fea to Fish-dragons
Fishing to Galadriel's Mirror
Galadriel's Song of Eldamar to Goeol
Golasgil to Gwar
Gwarestrin to Heskil
Hevenesdei to Huts of the raft-elves
Hwaldar to Isengard Unleashed (soundtrack)
Isengard and Northern Gondor to John Stephenson
John Tolkien to Kloos
Knife of Curufin to Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
Lethuin to Letter 89
Letter 9 to Lightfoot Family
Lightning from a Clear Sky to Lár
Láthspell to Manuscripts
Manwe to Mew
Mewlips to Morgul Vale
Morgul blade to Namarie
Nameless Things to North-farthing
North-kingdom to Olanda Fong-Surdenas
Old Bloodtusk to Oxonmoot 2014
Oxonmoot 2015 to Pirates of Pelargir
Pitya to Rath Dinen
Rath Dínen to Rohan
Rohan language to Sala Baker
Salgant to September 25
September 26 to Sons of Eorl
Sons of Feanor to Sûza
Słowa, rzeczy, krajobrazy to Tar minastir
Tar minyatur to The Children of Húrin Audiobook
The Children of Húrin Line Party to The Hobbit Soundtrack
The Hobbit Soundtrack (2003 video game) to The Myth and Fantasy Calendar 1974
The Mythgard Institute to The Tolkien Quiz Book (by Bart Andrews)
The Tolkien Quiz Book (by Robinson and Wilson) to Third Age 238
Third Age 2385 to Third Age of the Sun
Third Age years to Tolkien Studies: Volume 11
Tolkien Studies: Volume 12 to TÁWAR
to Vera Chapman and the Tolkien Society 6 February 1972
Verlyn Flieger to White Lady
White Lady (disambiguation) to Zamîn
Zane Weiner to 엔에이치엔 주식회사