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How difficult is this guy's genealogy???

His grandfather is called Hob Gammidge, his father Hobson (Gammidge) aka Roper Gamgee, his uncle Hamfast "Gaffer" Gamgee, His brother Hamfast Gamgee II is later known as Hamfast Gardner... That's 4 surnames in 1 line...

 Hamfast Gamwich      
 Wiseman Gamwich
  Hob Gammidge
  |                        |
 Andwise Roper Hamfast Gamgee

Where to put them... I vote Gammidge... Or Gamgee. Andy should actually be 'Andwise "Andy the Roper" Gamgee', if you ask me...

[edit] Andwise Gamgee

Sounds good to me. :)

[edit] I'm making a mess of it... Shows you it confuses me

This Family line is a mess... The first ever guy is... Hamfast Gamwise?

[edit] Headway! Headway at last!

Making some headway, at last.