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[edit] not a riddle

The inscription says "Say 'friend' and enter." Gandalf mis-translated it. Only then did it become a riddle.

[edit] Description in the narrative

The narrative describes the shapes of the door as "two trees, each bearing crescent moons". In the drawing the trees don't bear crescent moons, but their branches are shaped like crescents.

Then Gimli notices the emblems of Durin, and Legolas notices "The Tree of the High Elves". In the drawing there is no tree other than the two trees. What this Tree is, it is not explained, but for some reason Foster identifies is as Galathilion from the Silmarillion. He also says that Galathilion, bearing crescents, is an emblem of the Eldar. Sage 11:58, 20 June 2014 (UTC)