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Talk:EA's The Third Age (Xbox)

Lord Of The Rings- The Thirrd Age This game was not like what i suspected but yet it was still a good game. Instead of playing as Aragon or any other member of the fellowship, you play as new characters, i am not sure where they fit into the whole timeline or in the family tree. You start as a man of gondor, who is sent after Boromir, and he ends up meeting an elf, then a ranger, like Aragon and then a dwarf and then you might a lady of rohan and then a man of rohan, all of them have there own abilitys, and different weapons, and they get stronger as you play. The really only bad part in this game is then end, i have beaten it up to 98% and the the last two precent is when you fight the eye it self (fighting the eye isn't as cool as it sounds) and hen when you defeat it you can't save them game o completion (100%) and there is stuff that you unlock during the last two precent that you never get to look at. But it was fun follow the fellowship as they went through middle earh , this game will make an excellent addition o your lord of he rings game collection.

  • Who ever wrote this, I moved it here from the article, and I totally agree. The whole Eye of Sauron battle irked me more than Hayden Christianson(spelling?) in Episode VI.--Quidon88 15:11, 14 December 2007 (EST)