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This article looks pretty strong. I'd be willing to nominate it for feature status when it's done. Nicely illustrated. --Theoden1 20:14, 11 May 2008 (EDT)

[edit] Why Glamdring's fate inconceivable?

I notice that the article as it is notes that It is "inconceivable" that Gandalf did not take Glamdring with him back to Valinor, citing Shadowfax's fate as a reason for this. What i wonder is what the connection is? Both are posessions of Gandalf yes, but one is a gentle creature, the prince of horses and the other is a tool for butchery. Considering that Feanor's forging of weapons was one of the first signs of trouble afoot, I would have thought it is at least as conceivable that Gandalf left Glamdring in the care of the elves or even the race of men before taking the ship. Just as Faramir doesnt love the sword for it's sharpness, the people of Valinor probably wouldnt love the sword at all! So this rather long-winded discussion boils down to my beleif that there is some inherent bias in that line and it should be changed to something without such weasel words. Objections? Dr Death 08:20, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

Agree. Will rephrase ASAP. -- Ederchil (Talk/Contribs/Edits) 15:28, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Family Matters

I suspect no one will care about this, but after the War of the Ring, when Gandalf meets again with Galadriel, it's never mentioned whether or not she recognises the sword of her cousin, Turgon. Also "worth" mentioning is that Idril Celebrindal was Elrond's grandmother. Her father was Turgon. Thus Turgon was Elrond's great-grandfather. So did Elrond recognise Glamdring as the sword of his great-grandfather? I mean, in the case of Elrond, it's doubtable. He was still a child when the War of Wrath drew to a close and by that point, Turgon had died. It's doubtful whether Elrond would have seen Turgon and his sword in the 7 years when they were both alive, since Elrond was raised in a different region of Beleriand. Galadriel, however, had spent over 500 years in Beleriand during the years of the Sun. She'd have had ample time to have seen her cousin Turgon, to have visited him before the construction of Gondolin and while it still stood. If not Galadriel and if not Elrond, then SURELY Glorfindel would have recognised that the sword Gandalf wore in Rivendell, at the council of Elrond, was the same sword that his lord Turgon wore, throughout the hundreds of years that Glorfindel served Turgon in Gondolin. I might accept that Elrond never met Turgon, his great-grandfather. I might accept that Galadriel never saw her cousin's sword. But there's no way in Udun that Glorfindel wouldn't have recognised the sword of his lord and master, who he fought for and died defending...

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