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Talk:Gorgol the Butcher

Where is it told that Gorgol "is noted as being the leader of the band who slew Barahir and his men at Tarn Aeluin and as such claimed the Ring of Barahir which he was ordered to retrieve to prove the feat." And further, where's stated that "Gorgol's orcs were later attacked by Beren, Barahir's son, and slain, Beren reclaiming his father's ring." - But the orc that held Barahir's Ring was killed by an arrow and not "hewn" like Gorgol.

As far as I know Gorgol is only mentioned in The Lay of Leithian Recommenced, line 519 and in a comment by C. Tolkien (HoME III, p. 344, 350). Actually, he is not told to be an orc in the LL, only (by CJRT) in the index of HoME III, p. 382: "An Orc, called the Butcher, slain by Beren."

--Tik 09:41, 6 January 2008 (EST)