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Is the use of "Ringil" correct here? The link from Ringil shows this as the name of Fingolfin's sword (which is correct), but there is no reference to the use of this term as the name for a tower of a Lamp. Which entry requires revision - the Years of the Lamps entry to correct "Ringil" or the revision of the "Ringil" entry to add this second (and earlier) use of the name? Plant doc 08:57, 8 September 2007 (EDT)

The Encyclopedia of Arda mentions in its article on the Inland Sea of Helcar in a footnote "Interestingly, though it isn't mentioned in The Silmarillion, there seems to have been a corresponding southern sea, the Sea of Ringil, which was perhaps associated with the roots of Illuin's mate Ormal." A source for this information isn't given, though. ~ Earendilyon 17:45, 8 September 2007 (EDT)

[edit] Canonicity of term

Can anyone give a reference to a primary source using the actual term 'Years of the Lamps'? I can't find it being used in HoMe, so I'm suspecting it is non-canon, maybe invented by David Day.

This is not to say that the concept is non-canon, certainly not. Just that this does not seem to be the term that Tolkien uses for it. His term seems to be "Days before days" [AAm:10]. -- Mithrennaith 21:11, 9 June 2008 (EDT)