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Template:Character Infobox

Biographical information
Place of Birth{{{place of birth}}}
Place of Death{{{place of death}}}
Personal Information

[edit] WiP

This is a test template, resulting from this earlier discussion, taking into account point from other discussions as well.

This is basically a mock-up version, mostly cribbed from the Dwarves Infobox. Some points:

  • Hidden now, but automatically visible when implemented is a link to the "Images of..." category. However, as it's linked with a {{PAGENAME}}, we have to make sure all categories are named correctly (shouldn't be a problem) and there has to be consensus on some of them.
  • For the sake of testing, Test Character and Category:Images of Test Character have been created.
  • Colors still have to be coded. In the current set-up, each race/species/whatever will have it's own color (two, in fact), one for the "name" field and one for the sub-headers. Though most of these colors can be copied from the old infoboxes, there are going to have to be some new ones.
  • Current infobox colors:
Dwarves Dwarves
First Age Edain First Age Edain
Gondorian Gondorian
Half-elf Half-elf
Hobbit Hobbit
Royalty Can go
Maiar Maiar
Noldor Noldor
Numenorean Numenorean
Rohirrim Rohirrim
Sindar Sindar
Nandor Nandor
Teleri Teleri
Valar Valar
Vanyar Vanyar
  • Any ideas?

[edit] Usage

{{Character Infobox
|name = 
|place of birth=
|place of death=