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Template:Edit Count

Total {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}}}
(Main) {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/(Main)}}
Talk {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/Talk}}
User {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/User}}
User talk {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/User talk}}
Tolkien Gateway {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/Tolkien Gateway}}
Tolkien Gateway talk {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/Tolkien Gateway talk}}
Image {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/Image}}
Image talk {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/Image talk}}
Template {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/Template}}
Template talk {{Special:Editcount/{{{User}}}/Template talk}}

[edit] Usage

This template displays the various Edit Count numbers in one table.

{{Edit Count
| User=