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Citation template for The Lost Road and Other Writings: Language and Legend before The Lord of the Rings.

[edit] Key

  • Preface : "Preface"
  • P1 or Fall : "Part One: The Fall of Númenor and The Lost Road"
    • P1I or Early : "I. The Early History of the Legend"
    • P1II or Númenor : "II. The Fall of Númenor"
      • P1II1 : "(i) The original outline"
      • P1II2 : "(ii) The first version of The Fall of Númenor"
      • P1II3 : "(iii) The second version of The Fall of Númenor"
      • P1II4 : "(iv) The further development of The Fall of Númenor"
    • P1III or Lost : "III. The Lost Road"
      • P1III1 : "(i) The opening chapters"
      • P1III2 : "(ii) The Númenórean chapters"
      • P1III3 : "(iii) The unwritten chapters"
  • P2 or Valinor : "Part Two: Valinor and Middle-earth before The Lord of the Rings"
    • P2I or Texts : "I. The Texts and Their Relations"
    • P2II or AV : "II. The Later Annals of Valinor"
    • P2III or AB : "III. The Later Annals of Beleriand"
    • P2IV or Ainu : "IV. Ainulindalë"
    • P2V or Lhammas : "V. The Lhammas"
    • P2VI or Quenta : "VI. Quenta Silmarillion"
  • P3 or Etymologies : "Part Three: The Etymologies"
  • A or Appendix : "Appendix"
  • Index : "Index"

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