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Tevildo was the "Prince of Cats" in The Tale of Tinúviel and a close companion of Melko. He was an evil fay in the form of a great black cat with a collar of gold, which he used to keep his thanes in utter thraldom. During the Quest for the Silmaril, Beren was captured by Melko and sent as a servant to Tevildo. However the cat was defeated by Huan and Tinúviel when they forced him to reveal the spell which held the stones of his castle together and which held cats under his evil sway. When his collar was removed the other cats shrunk.[1] Fearing mockery by Melko or punishment for his defeat, Tevildo fled.

Later Tevildo's place in the narrative was replaced by that of the Necromancer, Thû (later renamed Sauron), in the legendarium. Thû (and later Sauron) was the "Lord of Werewolves", in contrast to Tevildo's position as "Prince of Cats"; the cat-versus-dog theme prominent in the Tale of Tinúviel was thus eliminated in later writings.[1]


[edit] Etymology

The name is Qenya. Although it is not given a literal translation, it is said to derive from the root TEFE signifying hate or hatred. His Gnomish name is Tifil.[2]

[edit] Inspiration

Tevildo resembles in form the name Tybalt from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, who also has the title of "Prince of Cats".

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