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The Science of Middle-earth

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The Science of Middle-earth
The Science of Middle-earth Cover.jpg
AuthorHenry Gee
PublisherCold Spring Press
The Science of Middle-earth (sometimes seen as The Science of Middle Earth) is a book by biologist Henry Gee which seeks to use science and logic to help explain various phenomena in Tolkien's legendarium. A revised edition was released as a Kindle book on 13 December 2012.

[edit] About

From the publisher:

"The author explores just how elves might be able to see much further than humans, why Frodo's sword turns blue at the sight of evil orcs, how the rings of power do their thing, and just about every other conundrum or piece of 'elvish magic' that have puzzled and delighted Tolkien fans for years. Throughout, Gee makes the point that science, fantasy, and nature are really more similar than one might think. Gee writes in a popular tone and style, fully explaining all science concepts and convincingly demonstrating how Tolkien's world of fantasy makes sense in a very real - scientific - way."

[edit] Contents

  • Foreword by David Brin
  • Author's Note
  • About J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Introduction
  1. Space, Time and Tolkien
  2. Inside Language
  3. Linguistic Convergence
  4. The Power of the Name
  5. Holes in the Ground
  6. Inventing the Orcs
  7. Armies of Darkness
  8. The Last March of the Ents
  9. O for the Wings of a Balrog
  10. Six Wheels On My Dragon
  11. The Eyes of Legolas Greenleaf
  12. Of Mithril
  13. The Laboratory of Fëanor
  14. The Gates of Minas Tirith
  15. The Lives of the Elves
  16. Giant Spiders and 'Mammoth' Oliphaunts
  17. Indistinguishable from Magic
  18. In the Matter of Roots
  19. The One Ring
  20. Science and Fantasy
  • End-Notes
  • Index

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