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[2011-11-13 19:58:50] <Mith> Welcome, one and all, to Tolkien Gateway's 27th Meeting at 8pm on 13th November 2011.
[2011-11-13 19:58:51] <mithrennaith> Here
[2011-11-13 19:59:04] <KingAragorn> Thank you
[2011-11-13 19:59:13] <KingAragorn> And good evening all
[2011-11-13 19:59:22] <Gamling> Well, good day.
[2011-11-13 19:59:23] <Mith> In attendance are Ederchil, Gamling, Hyarion, KingAragorn, Mith, Mithrennaith and Morgan. Amroth is missing.
[2011-11-13 19:59:41] * Hyarion waves
[2011-11-13 20:00:14] <Mith> First up, on Morgan's suggestion, me, with single/plural articles names.
[2011-11-13 20:00:28] <Mith> We did discuss this before but I don't think we reached any conclusions?
[2011-11-13 20:00:58] <Morgan> iirc, we postponed a decision
[2011-11-13 20:01:02] <Mith> Basically, the current policy is to have things in plural, eg "Elves" and "Strawberries"
[2011-11-13 20:01:15] <Mith> "Hobbits" "Numenoreans" etc etc
[2011-11-13 20:01:23] <Ederchil> Why was that again?
[2011-11-13 20:01:36] <Morgan> Why we postponed?
[2011-11-13 20:02:02] <Ederchil> No, why we use plurals.
[2011-11-13 20:02:18] <Ederchil> most other wikis I'm familiar with use sg.
[2011-11-13 20:02:21] <Mith> I think it would be easier when linking to those articles to have them in the singular form, as Wikipedia does ( )
[2011-11-13 20:02:37] <Mith> It's the way we've always done it. I have no idea why.
[2011-11-13 20:03:27] <Morgan> I guess since all encyclopedias/indices use plurals
[2011-11-13 20:04:18] <Mith> Do we need to debate the pros and cons, or can we go for a cheeky vote now? (I'm aware several people are pressed for time.)
[2011-11-13 20:04:32] <Mith> Seeing as this was debated before.
[2011-11-13 20:04:49] <mithrennaith> I’m trying to find when, as I want to read over the arguments from then.
[2011-11-13 20:05:24] <Ederchil> I'm not aware there was one.
[2011-11-13 20:05:32] <Ederchil> Where was this discussion?
[2011-11-13 20:06:13] <Mith> 3 July
[2011-11-13 20:06:21] <Morgan> Maybe we could just scribble down some pros/cons
[2011-11-13 20:06:22] <Mith>
[2011-11-13 20:07:02] <Mith> I'll repeat what I said then
[2011-11-13 20:07:12] <Mith> Singulars are easier to link to.
[2011-11-13 20:07:39] <Morgan> Why?
[2011-11-13 20:07:41] <Ederchil> Agreed
[2011-11-13 20:07:44] <Mith> If the article is Hobbits. To say a hobbit you have to do hobbit, or hobbits you do "hobbits of course.
[2011-11-13 20:08:06] <Mith> If the article is Hobbit. To say hobbit you have to do just hobbit, or to do hobbits you just do "hobbits"
[2011-11-13 20:08:10] <Morgan> I see
[2011-11-13 20:09:04] <Mith> My whole thing rests on that
[2011-11-13 20:09:26] <Morgan> But if people want to know something about Hobbits, they search for "Hobbits", rather than "Hobbit" (generally speaking), right?
[2011-11-13 20:09:32] <Gamling> If we chose singular titles would there need to be a big project to do redirects for plurals?
[2011-11-13 20:09:37] <Morgan> Wolves rather than Wolf
[2011-11-13 20:09:43] <Morgan> etc
[2011-11-13 20:10:00] <Morgan> Teleri rather than Teler
[2011-11-13 20:10:38] <mithrennaith> To me, it seems we have the problem, because when Tolkien talks about people, species, races etc. he always talks in the plural.
[2011-11-13 20:10:40] <Ederchil> I admit it sounds a bit strange for articles in S. or Q.
[2011-11-13 20:11:23] <Mith> Gamling: a bot can sort that
[2011-11-13 20:11:27] <mithrennaith> e.g. ‘The Elves’, ‘Men’, ‘Hobbits’, ‘Gondorians’, ‘Rohirrim’
[2011-11-13 20:12:05] <mithrennaith> and, as Ederchil says, ‘Noldor’, ‘Sindar’, ‘Forodwaith’
[2011-11-13 20:12:13] <Gamling> Would we need to rewrite articles that were plural to match the singular form of the title?
[2011-11-13 20:12:25] <Morgan> In many other cases, we put readers before editors - that is, if a change makes it's more difficult (or turns up strange) for a reader, but makes it's more easy for an editor, we don't make this change.
[2011-11-13 20:12:46] <Mith> That is true, Morgan
[2011-11-13 20:12:46] <mithrennaith> Tolkien encyclopedias and dictionaries, and Tolkien fandom in general have followed that style.
[2011-11-13 20:13:27] <Mith> You might have persuaded me out of it...
[2011-11-13 20:13:55] <Mith> Gamling: yes, but it's not like all things must be changed tomorrow
[2011-11-13 20:13:59] <mithrennaith> To the extent that the singulars of the Elvish names of people etc., e.g. Noldo, Sinda, Teler, are not generally known.
[2011-11-13 20:14:22] <Mith> OK, OK, we've had 15 minutes on this now.
[2011-11-13 20:14:24] <Morgan> Well, I don't have a very strong opinion - it's just we would probably keep Sindar, Noldor, etc, but use singular for other articles. It could become a bit messy.
[2011-11-13 20:14:31] <Mith> I would like to call a vote
[2011-11-13 20:14:37] <mithrennaith> Some of these names do not even have a ready and uncontestable singular, e.g. Forodwaith, Rohirrim, Haradrim.
[2011-11-13 20:14:48] <Morgan> yep
[2011-11-13 20:14:53] <Mith> If you want singular say "Aye", if you want plurals say "No".
[2011-11-13 20:14:54] <Morgan> Vote +1
[2011-11-13 20:15:04] <Morgan> No
[2011-11-13 20:15:06] <mithrennaith> No
[2011-11-13 20:15:14] <Ederchil> I'm leaning towards no
[2011-11-13 20:15:28] <Mith> I think I am now, too
[2011-11-13 20:15:28] <Gamling> No
[2011-11-13 20:15:47] <Mith> KingAragorn, Hyarion?
[2011-11-13 20:15:57] <KingAragorn> Abstain
[2011-11-13 20:16:40] <Mith> OK.
[2011-11-13 20:16:43] <Mith> Motion failed.
[2011-11-13 20:16:45] <Mith> Moving on
[2011-11-13 20:16:59] <Mith> KingAragorn: "Does the meeting agree that I should contact Ted Nasmtih, Alan Lee, and John Howe to request permission to use their artwork? And, if so, where can we get a digital version of all of Alan Lee's stuff? "
[2011-11-13 20:17:18] <Ederchil> Hasn't Alan Lee been working on a website since forever?
[2011-11-13 20:17:34] <KingAragorn> Yeah
[2011-11-13 20:17:46] <KingAragorn> It's there, but it hasn't developed at all in the past few years
[2011-11-13 20:18:04] <Gamling> I agree that we should contact them for permission.
[2011-11-13 20:18:12] <Mith> I agree we should contact them, also
[2011-11-13 20:18:14] <KingAragorn> Lee and Howe are in NZ at the moment, which could be a problem
[2011-11-13 20:18:31] <KingAragorn> Unless, someone has their email addresses?
[2011-11-13 20:18:56] <Mith> I have Alan Lee's somewhere.
[2011-11-13 20:19:07] <Mith> He gave it to me at Tolkien 2005. /namedrop
[2011-11-13 20:20:06] <Hyarion> I believe we already have permission from Nasmith and Howe.
[2011-11-13 20:20:20] <Hyarion> I'll see if I can reconfirm though.
[2011-11-13 20:20:24] <Morgan> Cool
[2011-11-13 20:20:33] <Mith> I did say before I thought we had, at least, Nasmith
[2011-11-13 20:20:58] <Mith> If you can check your records, I think we would really appreciate it
[2011-11-13 20:21:10] <Morgan> Yeah, it would be good with some email quote/date, for the license fie
[2011-11-13 20:21:12] <Hyarion> I think Howe stated in his forum that he's fine with websites using his artwork as long as they credit him.
[2011-11-13 20:21:31] <Mith> Are we all in favour of of KA contacting Alan Lee, for now? And Howe and Nasmith if necessary once Hyarion's confirmed?
[2011-11-13 20:21:47] <Hyarion> sure
[2011-11-13 20:21:52] <Ederchil> Howe has a message on his site about fair use.
[2011-11-13 20:22:01] <Ederchil> Yep.
[2011-11-13 20:22:02] <Mith> What is the message?
[2011-11-13 20:22:35] <KingAragorn> I've seen that, but I still want to get his explicit permission
[2011-11-13 20:22:45] <mithrennaith> I know all three of them on facebook, and I have noticed Lee has been putting up some old work there lately.
[2011-11-13 20:23:32] <Mith> Perhaps, then, Mithrennaith and KingAragorn can co-ordinate?
[2011-11-13 20:23:33] <Gamling> Yes to KA contacting Alan Lee & others as needed.
[2011-11-13 20:23:33] <KingAragorn> Would contacting them on FB be a good idea?
[2011-11-13 20:23:59] <mithrennaith> I also vote yes with Gamling.
[2011-11-13 20:24:01] <Morgan> +1 Gamling
[2011-11-13 20:24:02] <Mith> Informally they could be sounded out?
[2011-11-13 20:24:16] <mithrennaith> I think informally yes.
[2011-11-13 20:24:36] <Mith> Hyarion, did you obtain written permission from Nasmith?
[2011-11-13 20:24:44] <mithrennaith> With Ted there is no problem contacting him, I know him rather well.
[2011-11-13 20:24:46] <Hyarion> via e-mail, let me see if I can find it
[2011-11-13 20:25:10] <KingAragorn> I have Ted's
[2011-11-13 20:25:14] <Hyarion> yea, Nasmith is the most public, he was really nice.
[2011-11-13 20:25:20] <mithrennaith> I have on occasion pointed out work floating on the internet to John Howe and talked about it on fb.
[2011-11-13 20:25:30] <Hyarion> very cool
[2011-11-13 20:25:50] <mithrennaith> However, if we want his formal permission, I’d say approach him through his site.
[2011-11-13 20:26:29] <KingAragorn> I think that there's a webform on his site
[2011-11-13 20:26:54] <mithrennaith> With Alan Lee, I’d think we could sound him out on fb and ask him in what way he would prefer to discuss it.
[2011-11-13 20:27:13] <KingAragorn> Good idea
[2011-11-13 20:27:41] <Mith> OK, well, I think we're pretty decided on this.
[2011-11-13 20:28:06] <Mith> KingAragorn, you go and contact them (inc Nasmith dependent on Hyarion's answer) in the best way you see fit.
[2011-11-13 20:28:19] <Gamling> Agreed
[2011-11-13 20:28:26] <Mith> Hyarion, if you find Nasmith's permission can you upload it like these:
[2011-11-13 20:28:34] <mithrennaith> Agreed
[2011-11-13 20:28:39] <Hyarion> you bet.
[2011-11-13 20:28:43] <Mith> Next up!
[2011-11-13 20:28:45] <KingAragorn> Thank you
[2011-11-13 20:28:47] <KingAragorn> Good
[2011-11-13 20:29:02] <Mith> One for Hyarion from KingAragorn: "Any progress on TG email addresses?"
[2011-11-13 20:29:21] <Mith> Nicely following on from the previous discussion.
[2011-11-13 20:29:29] <mithrennaith> ;)
[2011-11-13 20:29:42] <Mith> (Almost as if I planned it that way!)
[2011-11-13 20:29:58] <Gamling> If by chance you call it...
[2011-11-13 20:30:10] <KingAragorn> It should have taken about 10 mins to setup, tbh.
[2011-11-13 20:31:40] <Hyarion> Oh they are setup, just need to give login info out to Eder/Mith.
[2011-11-13 20:32:32] <KingAragorn> I did email you about it, but you didn't reply
[2011-11-13 20:34:04] <Mith> Well, if you send Ederchil and I the login info, that would be great?
[2011-11-13 20:34:49] <Mith> Could I also suggest that KingAragorn has one also, as he's the one who has mostly dealt with copyrights (as above). I'm not sure if Morgan feels he needs one
[2011-11-13 20:35:28] <Morgan> Not for the moment
[2011-11-13 20:36:13] <Hyarion> sure.
[2011-11-13 20:37:02] <Mith> OK, excellent. If we can leave that in your capable hands to get back to us asap, that would be great! :) Thanks.
[2011-11-13 20:37:45] <Mith> KingAragorn with "I think we all need to be braver and start tackling the bigger, more popular articles. Why don't we have a "Countdown to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", wherein each month we go down the list of popular pages and collaborate on articles which relate to The Hobbit. So we would make perfect: Gandalf, Sauron (the Necromancer page needs to be merged with Sauron), The...
[2011-11-13 20:37:46] <Mith> ...Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, Elrond, Thorin (still needs a bit of expansion in history section), Rivendell, Battle of Five Armies, Gollum, Mirkwood, Dol Guldur, and Thranduil. "
[2011-11-13 20:39:01] <Mith> I have a question
[2011-11-13 20:39:10] <KingAragorn> OK
[2011-11-13 20:39:28] <Mith> Would this be, on the homepage, in addition to the collaboration or instead of? I only ask from a design point of view...
[2011-11-13 20:39:50] <KingAragorn> It could perhaps replace it for a year
[2011-11-13 20:40:03] <Mith> That's the answer I wanted to hear!
[2011-11-13 20:40:15] <mithrennaith> :)
[2011-11-13 20:40:16] <KingAragorn> Both, then/
[2011-11-13 20:40:19] <KingAragorn> :P
[2011-11-13 20:40:38] <Mith> Don't mess with me. I'm in the chair NOW!
[2011-11-13 20:40:47] <KingAragorn> Yessir
[2011-11-13 20:40:53] <Mith> Well, it sounds like a good plan to me
[2011-11-13 20:41:15] <KingAragorn> Amroth had some concerns about which pages should be included
[2011-11-13 20:41:37] <KingAragorn> He wanted Galadriel and Radagast in there too
[2011-11-13 20:41:39] <Mith> We are already gearing up our homepage to be more Hobbity, what with Smaug as FA, so this is a natural extension.
[2011-11-13 20:41:55] <Mith> I don't think it should start until 1 January, though. It's still a bit early for getting too Hobbity.
[2011-11-13 20:41:58] <KingAragorn> Perhaps we could remove Sauron?
[2011-11-13 20:42:08] <Gamling> What would be the mechanics of this? One person tackles an article then when it's done everyone reviews and edits it? OR, do we set up a temporary page with a group working on it?
[2011-11-13 20:42:10] <KingAragorn> Well, it's meant to be a year countdown
[2011-11-13 20:42:35] <KingAragorn> We would all collaborate on the existing page
[2011-11-13 20:42:52] <KingAragorn> There'd be discussion where necessary
[2011-11-13 20:42:58] <Mith> The only problem I forsee is that some of these articles are going to be way easier to fix
[2011-11-13 20:43:08] <Mith> Compare Thranduil with Gandalf, for instance
[2011-11-13 20:43:44] <KingAragorn> I know
[2011-11-13 20:43:59] <Gamling> Perhaps with Gandalf we would concentrate on just The Hobbit part of his long history.
[2011-11-13 20:44:31] <KingAragorn> Yeah, I was thinking that would be a good plan
[2011-11-13 20:44:48] <KingAragorn> Then once that section is up to scratch we could work on the rest
[2011-11-13 20:44:50] <Morgan> I'm hoping to see some Gamling-style referencing frenzy! ;-)
[2011-11-13 20:45:07] <Gamling> Yes, there will be!
[2011-11-13 20:45:08] <mithrennaith> I’m holding back on this, as I found that I have hardly had any time to come on TG over the last months. I’m in favour on principle, but not expecting to be able to put in substantial work.
[2011-11-13 20:45:12] <Morgan> :-D
[2011-11-13 20:46:06] <KingAragorn> Me and Morgan collaborated well on Tol Galen and Dor Firn-i-Guinar
[2011-11-13 20:46:08] <Mith> One thing I would like to suggest
[2011-11-13 20:46:25] <KingAragorn> and that's where I got the idea from
[2011-11-13 20:46:28] <KingAragorn> OK
[2011-11-13 20:46:35] <Mith> If an article is done before time, can we stick one of the 12 other dwarves in?
[2011-11-13 20:46:46] <Morgan> sure
[2011-11-13 20:46:57] <KingAragorn> Yeah, we can change the list if we want
[2011-11-13 20:47:14] <Gamling> Perhaps as we get articles done we could set up a "Follow The Hobbit Trail" on the Main Page that would invite readers to view the latest work?
[2011-11-13 20:47:22] <Mith> I still think we should go from the first of the month, though. It's a nice number!
[2011-11-13 20:47:45] <Mith> That's a good idea, Gamling!
[2011-11-13 20:47:50] <Morgan> indeed
[2011-11-13 20:47:56] <KingAragorn> +1 Gamling
[2011-11-13 20:47:57] <mithrennaith> yes
[2011-11-13 20:48:21] <KingAragorn> Can we start 1st December, then?
[2011-11-13 20:48:44] <Mith> What do we do on 1st December next year?
[2011-11-13 20:49:17] <KingAragorn> What do you mean?
[2011-11-13 20:49:28] <Mith> Well that will be 12 months
[2011-11-13 20:49:29] <Gamling> If we start in December (with Christmas and all) it shouldn't be one of the hardest to do articles.
[2011-11-13 20:49:34] <Mith> 1st December 2012 will be month 13
[2011-11-13 20:50:39] <KingAragorn> It would end then
[2011-11-13 20:50:52] <mithrennaith> And it will only be a half month, with the first movie premiering 13th or 14th ...
[2011-11-13 20:51:04] <Mith> I suppose our homepage could be turned into one big Hobbit love in
[2011-11-13 20:51:05] <KingAragorn> Yes
[2011-11-13 20:51:31] <Mith> In which case, are we all in favour of the plan, and KingAragorn's 12 articles?
[2011-11-13 20:51:33] |<-- Ederchil has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[2011-11-13 20:51:48] <Mith> Gandalf, Sauron (+the Necromancer), The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, Elrond, Thorin, Rivendell, Battle of Five Armies, Gollum, Mirkwood, Dol Guldur, and Thranduil
[2011-11-13 20:52:11] <Morgan> sure
[2011-11-13 20:52:13] <Gamling> +1 to the plan
[2011-11-13 20:52:28] <mithrennaith> +1
[2011-11-13 20:52:34] <Mith> +1
[2011-11-13 20:52:54] <Mith> Can we make it a full house, KingAragorn and Hyarion?
[2011-11-13 20:53:10] <KingAragorn> +1 to the motion
[2011-11-13 20:53:41] <Hyarion> +1
[2011-11-13 20:53:50] <Mith> Everyone's a winner!
[2011-11-13 20:53:57] <Mith> Is there any other business?
[2011-11-13 20:54:15] <Morgan> I might have a question to discuss
[2011-11-13 20:54:24] <KingAragorn> No Morgan
[2011-11-13 20:54:40] <Morgan> :-(
[2011-11-13 20:54:50] <Mith> Go on
[2011-11-13 20:54:56] <Mith> We're doing well for time today
[2011-11-13 20:55:32] <Morgan> How hard should we be on unreferenced additions to articles?
[2011-11-13 20:56:00] <KingAragorn> Very
[2011-11-13 20:56:04] <Mith> You have opened Pandora's Box!
[2011-11-13 20:56:24] <Mith> +1 KA
[2011-11-13 20:56:28] <Morgan> I'm thinking on _new_ additions
[2011-11-13 20:56:37] -->| Icarus ([email protected]) has joined #Wiki
[2011-11-13 20:56:40] <Mith> Although I am tempted to say a little less harsh on newbies
[2011-11-13 20:56:47] <Morgan> true
[2011-11-13 20:56:58] <Morgan> Related is also:
[2011-11-13 20:57:16] <Morgan> When EoA copies are found - should these be removed on the spot?
[2011-11-13 20:57:25] <Morgan> Or is it enough with a {{rewrite}}?
[2011-11-13 20:57:50] <Gamling> I have been trying to rewrite as many as I can but it does take awhile.
[2011-11-13 20:57:57] <Morgan> yes, it's a hard work
[2011-11-13 20:58:00] <Mith> I tend to add rewrite as I don't have time to do it there and then.
[2011-11-13 20:58:01] <Icarus> Meeting!
[2011-11-13 20:58:06] <Icarus> Too bad I can't participate :P
[2011-11-13 20:58:13] <KingAragorn> Too bad.
[2011-11-13 20:58:16] =-= Icarus was booted from #Wiki by Mith (Mith)
[2011-11-13 20:58:20] <KingAragorn> :o
[2011-11-13 20:58:22] -->| Icarus ([email protected]) has joined #Wiki
[2011-11-13 20:58:25] <Icarus> :P
[2011-11-13 20:58:42] <Mith> Identifying the articles in question is half the problem.
[2011-11-13 20:59:41] <Morgan> Maybe it's enough, for the moment, to identify the articles (since we are rather busy on the wiki, and actually rewrote not so few EoA articles)
[2011-11-13 20:59:53] <KingAragorn> Maybe
[2011-11-13 20:59:58] <KingAragorn> Do whatever
[2011-11-13 21:00:33] <Morgan> *rewrite
[2011-11-13 21:00:40] <Morgan> alright
[2011-11-13 21:00:55] <Mith> I think rewrite is enough
[2011-11-13 21:00:59] <Icarus> Someone please tell me what he's on about.
[2011-11-13 21:01:24] <mithrennaith> ’oozat?
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[2011-11-13 21:01:55] <Gamling> I have a voice?
[2011-11-13 21:01:56] =-= Mode #Wiki +v mithrennaith by Mith
[2011-11-13 21:01:59] =-= Mode #Wiki +v Morgan by Mith
[2011-11-13 21:02:02] <Morgan> sure
[2011-11-13 21:02:21] <Icarus> Miiith!
[2011-11-13 21:02:22] =-= Mode #Wiki +V by Mith
[2011-11-13 21:02:38] <mithrennaith> Gagged ...
[2011-11-13 21:03:01] <Mith> Gettign back to discussion.
[2011-11-13 21:03:23] =-= Mode #Wiki +m by Mith
[2011-11-13 21:03:52] <KingAragorn> Good
[2011-11-13 21:03:55] <KingAragorn> Now then
[2011-11-13 21:04:10] <Mith> If we add {{rewrite}} it signals that we are aware of the problem
[2011-11-13 21:04:12] <Morgan> Sorry, Gamling, we're you trying to say something?
[2011-11-13 21:04:27] <Mith> And highlights the ambition to do somethign about it
[2011-11-13 21:04:37] <Gamling> No, I was just wondering what the voice business was about.
[2011-11-13 21:05:19] <Mith> Everyone can talk except Icarus, who will just spout inane crap.
[2011-11-13 21:05:39] <Gamling> And {{rewrite}} is searchable for those who have the time to do so.
[2011-11-13 21:05:46] <KingAragorn> Agreed
[2011-11-13 21:05:58] <Mith> On unreferenced stuff, we can be harsh with each other but we need to be softer with newbs so as not to scare them off.
[2011-11-13 21:06:11] <mithrennaith> yes
[2011-11-13 21:06:25] <Gamling> Politely harsh.
[2011-11-13 21:06:28] <Mith> And, of course, all articles with {{rewrite}} live here:
[2011-11-13 21:06:34] <Morgan> And with seasoned editors who come back suddenly?
[2011-11-13 21:07:21] <mithrennaith> +1 to Gamling
[2011-11-13 21:07:42] |<-- Icarus has left (Ping timeout)
[2011-11-13 21:07:52] <Mith> Any other other business?
[2011-11-13 21:08:21] <KingAragorn> Not that I can think of
[2011-11-13 21:08:27] <Morgan> Nope
[2011-11-13 21:08:33] <Gamling> Me neither.
[2011-11-13 21:08:39] <Mith> Nor me.
[2011-11-13 21:08:48] <Mith> Hyarion or Mithrennaith?
[2011-11-13 21:09:03] <KingAragorn> What happened to the "Where has Hyarion been?" item
[2011-11-13 21:09:41] <Mith> I thought that was about the problem with his account, which we have fixed
[2011-11-13 21:10:41] <mithrennaith> no other business from me.
[2011-11-13 21:10:55] <KingAragorn> OK
[2011-11-13 21:11:29] <Mith> Are you satisfied, KA?
[2011-11-13 21:11:59] <KingAragorn> I suppose so.
[2011-11-13 21:12:09] <Mith> OK
[2011-11-13 21:12:51] <Mith> Well, if Hyarion can get in touch about email account and Nasmith permission, and if KA can get on with Howe/Lee we would all be grateful.
[2011-11-13 21:13:02] <Mith> I call this meeting to an end, thank you all for coming.