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Tolkien Gateway:Meetings/17 August 2008/Transcript

<Hyarion> Welcome to the first weekly meeting for all things wiki!
<Ederchil> who's taking notes
<Huan> not it
<Hyarion> I'll be logging everything and posting it at the end.
<Huan> kool
<Ederchil> summary or verbatim?
<Ambartur> thought as much, will there be editing?
<Hyarion> verbatim, including everything you're saying right now.
<Ederchil> aw crud
<Huan> dont worry i promised i wont spam as much as usual
<Huan> ;)
<Mith> I want it on record that everything I say should be strictly off the record.
<Ambartur> And Ill keep the lame jokes to a minimum
<Huan> likewise
<Hyarion> okay, first thing on the agenda is the Welcome, and we've done that, so one down.
<Hyarion> Next up is a little introduction
<Ederchil> who is first?
<Hyarion> we'll just go alphabetical
<Aelfwine> ahh ok
<Hyarion> Aelfwine, do you want to go ahead and introduce yourself?
<Aelfwine> sure, my name is Luke, from Washington DC
<Ambartur> Name is Ambartur(Don), also known as Quidon88, south of Denver Coloradao
<Hyarion> great, how did you stumble upon the wiki?
<Ambartur> oops, sorry
<Hyarion> Ambartur, no worries, you too, how did you find the place?
<Aelfwine> got a link to it somewhere
<Aelfwine> I was reading Helge Kåre Fauskanger's stuff, got link after link
<DrDeath> I'm Hugh, from London, England, i think i found this place via wikipedia
<Ambartur> Hung out on Wookieepedia for awhile, found, found a link, probably put up by Hyarion, and been here ever since
<Hyarion> looks like we've got people from all over, awesome.
<Ederchil> oh, I'm next. Ederchil/Olof
<Ederchil> Dutch, found a link on Minas Tirith
<Hyarion> Next up is EldarionTelcontar :)
<EldarionTelcontar> yeah...hello
<EldarionTelcontar> i'm from Germany..from Erfurt
<EldarionTelcontar> and I think I found the Gateway on Wikipedia,too
<Hyarion> cool
<Huan> Hello Im Shawn Wolfe AKA HighKingFingolfin/Huan I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. I found this site because i was bored in HTML class and web surfing
<Hyarion> oh, I guess I'm next.
<Hyarion> let's see, I'm Ben, also known as Hyarion, and I'm currently residing in California.
<DrDeath> no need to tell us how you found it
<Ederchil> But he did found it.
<Hyarion> I just remember thinking how fun it would be to combine two passions, websites and Tolkien :)
<Hyarion> that, and at the time, there really was a void for a really extensive encyclopedia
<Hyarion> You're next up KingAragorn :)
<KingAragorn> Hi my name is (King)Daniel and I was born in Birmingham, England. And of course I came here after a years worth of persuasionfrom the One Wiki :)!
<Hyarion> :)
<Hyarion> how about you Mith?
<Mith> I'm Mith, I'm from Sussex (UK). I'm not sure how I found the website - it was a long time ago.
<KingAragorn> cool - a fellow Brit
<Hyarion> Mith is indeed one of the older editors, since around December 2006 I believe.
<Hyarion> how about you Selma?
<Selma> þelma : Raluca, Romania. I really don't remember how I've found the site :)
<Hyarion> :)
<Hyarion> anyone else have anything they'd like everyone to know?
<Mith> Yeah, but I had known of the site for some time before I began editing. I now edit on a rather intermittent basis.
<Ambartur> Well, Ive been a Gatekeeper for over 2 years now...wouldnt have made it if it wasnt for you guys
<Hyarion> :)
<Ederchil> only here since, what, December?
<Huan> and im the random guy who spams the channels
<KingAragorn> OK thats the intros done, I'll kick of the first discussion
<Hyarion> Huan is more a frequenter of IRC than the wiki, but he'll switch over in due time :)
<Hyarion> it's all yours KingAragorn
<KingAragorn> Recently we've decided that we need to share responsibility of the site between us, Ederchil has been nominated for adminship (so make sure you vote before Friday), but also responsibility could be given to others.
<Mith> I have something I'd like people to know! If you want to contact me, you'll be much more successful on Messenger (address hidden).
<KingAragorn> For example, on this page - - it suggests we should have project leaders for different projects on the site. So should we give users a certain responsibility or?
<Ederchil> what of those projects is feasible? "all books"? "all images"?
<Ederchil> *which
<Hyarion> I doubt most are feasible
<Huan> or maybe ceartain aspects within each
<Huan> make subgroups
<Hyarion> are there any areas of interest that anyone would like to focus on and 'lead'?
<Huan> with lesser members
<Mith> What is "leading"?
<Ederchil> allthough i do think we should have leaders
<Ambartur> I see both good and bad sides to this: the good is that there is no edit wars, we discuss changes, we want on the talk page, the bad is, come of those groups are quite large
<Huan> adn have one person be head of the lesser members
<Mith> I mean, what would be the remit of the leader?
<Huan> thats for each subject
<Hyarion> It's really just a title, their focus would be primarily the project and helping it grow and watching the edits, etc.
<Hyarion> The downside to everyone of us working on everything is we tend to, or maybe it's just me, hit the Random Page link a lot, and there isn't as much focus in particular areas
<Mith> But don't a lot of people unofficially do that?
<Ederchil> yeah, theoden and battles, me and adaptations
<Ambartur> I was thinking of that Ederchil :)
<Huan> well maybe have subgroups
<KingAragorn> ye we'll have to break it up more
<Huan> like maybe we could have a person in charge of Elven images
<Ambartur> that may be too specific
<Huan> and then there will be a person who is above them
<Huan> head of images
<DrDeath> I like the idea of 'project leaders' for specific pages
<Huan> who oversees those smaler member leaders
<Ederchil> categories, more like
<Hyarion> it may come to that eventually, but I think now project leaders would be a good focus, then we can worry about sub-groups.
<Huan> sounds good to me
<Hyarion> yea, essentially categories, I think of the projects as the primary categories on the site.
<Ambartur> people, places, etc, hyarion?
<Hyarion> yes, here's a tentative list of projects:
<Huan> please do not make me head of people
<DrDeath> I think it would be a bad idea to give people to wide a remit
<Mith> Can I say - and this maybe insubordination - but I don't want to be "led", I like doing my own thing as and when.
<Ederchil> in a sense, I can agree.
<Ederchil> but I think of the "leader" as more of an knowledgable than an authoritive person
<Ambartur> I understand, but if i know someone is expecting something of me, i will focus more on it, rather than doing minor edits at random
<Hyarion> of course, and no leader would have more power over anyone else, we just need to consider there will be a time in the near future when Recent changes fills up so fast we can't all watch it
<Hyarion> if we can't all see the changes, we'll need to start focusing on projects or groups of pages so we can track all new edits.
<Hyarion> it's essentially what Wikipedia does.
<Mith> But, do we accurately know who has more knowledge than others?
<Ederchil> do the project leaders get some sort of promotion? bureucrat or something?
<Ambartur> could be volunteer at first, like how theoden1 does with battles and wars
<Hyarion> it wouldn't necessarily be based on knowledge, but someone who knows the standards we go by and is active enough to oversee all the edits in the project
<Hyarion> then we can essentially say, 'okay, we trust those articles are being watched over'
<Ederchil> I'll volunteer for something real-world
<Hyarion> otherwise we're all trying to watch every single edit, and that's going to be difficult if we have a thousand edits a day
<Ederchil> or if Linathiel drops by again
<Hyarion> :) I don't think we need to worry about Linathiel's edits slipping past Recent changes :)
<Huan> ?
<Mith> Could it not be the case that we could end up a group of "watchers" and not editors.
<Ambartur> something humorous i should look at? i vaguely remember that name
<Hyarion> Ederchil, what interests you the most, something like Books or People?
<Ederchil> both
<Huan> I like battles
<Huan> but
<Ederchil> books, people, adaptations
<Huan> im not very good at editing
<Ederchil> battles would be Theoden's
<Hyarion> Battles are definitely big enough for a project too
<Ederchil> inofficially
<Hyarion> yea
<DrDeath> I'd love to be in charge of the different peoples- I'm a Classicist by subject and so the different cultures fascinate me
<Ambartur> Honestly, Im not as scholarly as some of the others, but I do tend to edit actors and actresses
<Hyarion> Mith, I don't see that as being a problem, if Ederchil is in charge of People, he's still going to edit as much, just more of his focus might be on People than Random pages
<Hyarion> do you guys think Actors actresses deserves its own project, or should it be under People?
<Ederchil> People
<KingAragorn> yeah people
<Hyarion> I agree.
<DrDeath> Well it crosses over between people and adaptations
<Huan> good point
<Ambartur> yeah, i realize that, sorry, thinking out loud
<DrDeath> so i would argue it has it's own requirements
<Hyarion> and we can of course have multiple leaders per group, it really just tells new editors who they should ask if they have questions about the category
<DrDeath> yeah
<Hyarion> like a Project Mentor might be a better term than a leader
<Ambartur> How about putting images onto their corresponding articles?
<Huan> i would love to be a sub-editor
<Ederchil> ambartur - what?
<Mith> Well, I personally prefer characters (particular hobbits) and places. But I am a fan of the Random button, I must say.
<Hyarion> or Supervisor is better than leader, we should probably stray away from any titles which degrade the status of others, I much prefer everyone's opinion as equally important.
<Hyarion> speaking of watching articles, how many out there use watchlists?
<Ambartur> one sec, i have an example
<Ederchil> I don't, personally. it's bothersome
<Huan> maybe we should have an IRC supervisor
<DrDeath> yes- but doing things 'by commitee' leads to a lack of focus on the articles and subjects. I do prefer the notion of a 'project manager'
<Huan> i would be good at that
<KingAragorn> well i kinda use the watchlist now you've enabled the email thing
<Hyarion> The watchlists are definitely going to be necessary for project supervisors to make sure they've seen all the edits in the project, but right now we can still usually catch everything in Recent changes
<Ambartur> i agree, bothersome, but if no one else would do it, i would be willing. there would be standards of course
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<Ederchil> hello
<EldarionTelcontar> hey!
<Ederchil> whot's this?
<Huan> Hello unenana
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<Huan> O.O
<Ederchil> go back to the shadow!
<Hyarion> sorry, darn bot keeps joining all the channels.
<Ambartur> Ederchil, see:, a fine example of artwork not being incorporated into their respective articles
<EldarionTelcontar> oh
<Ederchil> one sec
<Ambartur> maybe not the best artwork, but that was just an example i had thought of the other day
<Ederchil> he's not featured in articles?
<Hyarion> It looks like Sage couldn't make it so I'll save the discussion of FIlm Screenshots vs. Illustrations in articles for another meeting.
<Ederchil> what point was that?
<Ederchil> oh, Talk:Aragorn II
<Hyarion> yea
<Ambartur> i believe some of them are, it was jsut an example
<Ederchil> okay.
<Ederchil> Can we move on? come back to the leaders/managers next week? think it over?
<Ambartur> yeah, maybe make a forum for each point we bring up?
<Hyarion> yes I agree, let's go back to the original discussion, we could go on for hours if we don't :)
<Hyarion> with weekly meetings we should have plenty of time to address the issues, hopefully we don't run out of issues to address :)
<Ederchil> i can think of plenty
<Hyarion> okay, so does anyone dislike the idea of Project Supervisors?
<KingAragorn> no
<Ederchil> No
<Ambartur> No
<EldarionTelcontar> no! i think it's a good idea
<DrDeath> no
<Aelfwine> no
<Selma> nope
<Hyarion> and are there any projects listed (or not listed) that someone would like to supervise?
<KingAragorn> ok so it's an idea we're all interested in
<Huan> i like it
<DrDeath> unanimity- that's a good sign
<Ederchil> Adaptations?
<Mith> I was about to suggest that
<Huan> what do you mean?
<KingAragorn> should languages be added?
<Huan> real?
<Huan> or
<Hyarion> While Adaptations is going to be small compared to something like Characters or People, I think the amount of edits on those film articles is going to be large enough that a Project is worthwhile
<Huan> tolkiens
<Ederchil> agree on languages
<Mith> As do I
<Hyarion> Languages should definitely be added,
<Hyarion> it's on the Main Page along with Adaptations but I must have missed it when creating the article.
<Hyarion> okay so Ederchil, you want to keep an eye on Adaptations?
<Ederchil> sure
<Ederchil> next point, the Community Portal?
<Hyarion> okay, added Adaptations and Ederchil as supervisor to the article.
<Hyarion> well let's keep going with the Projects
<Hyarion> anyone want to head Characters or Locations?
<Hyarion> how about Books or Music?
<KingAragorn> I'll head locations if no one else wants to
<DrDeath> I'll go for characters
<Hyarion> okay I'll put KA down for Locations and Death down for Characters
<Ederchil> I can do Books too
<Ambartur> Is Tuor around, hed love music
<Hyarion> and Eder down for Books
<Hyarion> one moment and I'll post that information so I don't forget.
<DrDeath> Would races be under me as well- i think characters is an extensive enough subject
<Huan> how about
<Ambartur> Games? Id take that
<Huan> each person gets a certain race
<Huan> errr
<Huan> i mean
<Huan> like there be a person in charge of each race
<DrDeath> ahhh right
<Huan> meaning Men Elves Dwarves Hobbits
<Ederchil> Ambartur - should (video) games be under Adaptations, or a sub-category or something?
<Huan> ill try dwarves
<Huan> i love the dwarves
<Ambartur> You're right, just looked at the main page
<Ambartur> and went off that
<DrDeath> maybe that's how we should divide characters then? So someone deals with all human individuals and groups (i'd go for that) another gets all elves and groups
<Aelfwine> I can do the Valar
<Huan> maybe someone can give me a hand with dwarves since im still kind of a newb
<Hyarion> of course
<Huan> :)
<KingAragorn> instead of valar - Ainur
<Hyarion> agreed, that way you can encompass Maiar too.
<Ederchil> Dwarf Lord does some work on Dwarves, doesn't he?
<Huan> thats why i said help
<Hyarion> that's who else we're missing, Dwarves Lord.
<Aelfwine> Ok Ainur sounds good
<Huan> i didnt want to infringe
<Ambartur> yeah, we probably shouldnt count out those that couldnt attend
<KingAragorn> well we can always change thing over later for those that couldn't attend, or maybe reserve things for them?
<Hyarion> everything's flexible, so we'll open a forum post on it afterwards to let those who couldn't attend voice their opinion on what they'd like to head up.
<Ederchil> maybe make an "Applications" section, and come back to it next week?
<Hyarion> okay a good start for project supervisors is probably cleaning up the portal pages
<KingAragorn> yeah OK, I think we can move on?
<Ederchil> and the respective categories
<Hyarion> indeed
Theoden1 ([email protected]) has joined #Wiki
<Hyarion> there you are Theoden1
<Huan> YAY
<Hyarion> we started an hour ago, I hope the timezone thing wasn't confused.
<Ambartur> Glad you could make it
<Theoden1> I've been sick today
<Ederchil> hiya
<KingAragorn> My fellow King Theoden - Hi!
<Hyarion> we're still going, up next is Ederchil's nomination I believe.
<EldarionTelcontar> hello
<Ederchil> it is?
<Hyarion> I think so, it's on the Agenda :p
<Hyarion> anyone have any opinion on Ederchil being an administrator?
<Theoden1> Well, I nominated him, so I think highly of his abilities
<Huan> I think he would to an excellent job
<Ambartur> He's way more qualified than me, I trust him
<Theoden1> Shows all the qualities
<Ederchil> brb - phonecall
<Huan> hehhehe
<KingAragorn> well I think he deserves it as a reward for all of his work, and it will benefit the wiki as a whole
<DrDeath> It'd be good to have a pro-redirector represented in the higher teir
<Aelfwine> I agree
<Hyarion> Ederchil is a pro-redirecter?
<Ederchil> yup
<Hyarion> I dunno about that
<DrDeath> we're a dangerous breed ;)
<Theoden1> minor point
<Huan> and Hounds the size of a horse isnt a dangerous breed
<DrDeath> anyhoo i've got to run myself so i'll catch up on the transcript
<Ederchil> fully back
<Huan> goodbye Dr. Death
Theoden1 throws doggie biscuit
<KingAragorn> see ya
<DrDeath> bye
<Ambartur> take care
DrDeath has quit (Quit: I love
<Ederchil> biya
<Huan> oh btw theoden everything we say on here is going on a transcript
Huan eats biscuit
<KingAragorn> ok so we're all positive about Ederchil's nomination. shall we move on?
<Hyarion> one moment.
<Ederchil> yes please
<Theoden1> OK-Tomorrow makes 2 weeks since Eder's nom
<Selma> yes and yes :)
<Ederchil> tomorrow? I thought wednesday?
<KingAragorn> huh... I thought Friday! lol
<Theoden1> well, this week
<Huan> and i have no clue
<Ederchil> people, sorry if I rush, but can we move on?
<Ederchil> Got an exam tomorrow morning,
<Hyarion> yes, go ahead.
<KingAragorn> OK just quickly let's discuss the community portal. I've recently changed it and Hyarion has re-added it to the sidebar, is it complete or should things be added/removed from it?
<Hyarion> I've gone ahead and made it official, Ederchil is now an administrator
<Ederchil> weeeeeeee!
<Selma> congrats! :)
Huan wags tail and barks happily
<Ambartur> Congratulations, Ederchil
<KingAragorn> Congratulations!!
<Huan> congrats
<Ederchil> I get the point, community portal, something missing?
<EldarionTelcontar> from me too!!!:-)
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<Ambartur> I dont see anything, it looks great
<Hyarion> I think a good idea would be to compare it to Wookieepedia's community portal and Wikipedia's, do they have anything we're missing?
<Hyarion> hello nikolet
<Ambartur> one sec
<Ambartur> hey nikolet
<nikolet> hey..
Theoden1 declares today a holiday in Rohan!
<Huan> ummm spam
Theoden1 throws a spam chunk to the hound
<Hyarion> okay, anyone else have anything to say about the Community Portal?
<Theoden1> Looks good
<Hyarion> I think there are definitely things we can add to it, but that'll come in time.
Huan looks up with puppy eyes because he hates spam
<Ambartur> no, i think once we get these projects under way, it will fill up nicely
<Ambartur> ill get more organised for the next one
<Hyarion> okay, next on the agenda is the policy regarding del Toro's The Hobbit
<Aelfwine> can projects be put on the sidebar?
<KingAragorn> OK good, let's move on. Ederchil it's over to you
<Theoden1> Would you like to get them going?
<Ederchil> oh, concerning spoilers
<Hyarion> yea
<Theoden1> We've haven't done much in the past
<Hyarion> What do you guys think we should do about rumors relating to del Toro's The Hobbit?
<Ederchil> rumours was my main concern
<Ambartur> and its true, rumors will be aflying here soon
<Ederchil> what is official information?
<Huan> dont put down anything that isnt set in stone as a rule of thumb
<Ambartur> maybe have the adapt. leader be the head of that?
<Hyarion> There will definitely be photographs as well as textual rumors which have not been officially announced, what do we include and what don't we?
<Ederchil> nothing, by default, until it's confirmed in an interview of some kind?
<KingAragorn> On the wiki I think we should try to stick to official information, i.e. what's not a spoiler but is released by the producers
<Hyarion> What kind of verification do we require? Obviously just because another fan site posted it isn't good enough.
<Huan> how bout we have a rumors section
<Huan> in the article
<Mith> I personally think we should have all rumours included; we don't know what will end up being true and what won't be. Furthermore, some people enjoy reading spoilers without care for whether they're true.
<Ambartur> i like that
<Theoden1> Stick to official releases mostly
<Ederchil> what GdT or any of the cast/crew states to be true
<Hyarion> In my opinion, there will be little officially announced, and the article will be less helpful to fans if we rule out any and all rumors.
<Huan> thats why i said add a rumor section
<Hyarion> I think the least we can do is have a 'Rumors' section where we state things which have not been proven, or proven, etc.
<Huan> put pics
<Huan> adn stuff
<Hyarion> It is our responsibility to inform fans things that aren't true, just as much as it is to show what is true.
<Mith> I think we should have a "Rumours" section. ;)
<Huan> Rumours'
<Huan> yes
<Ederchil> true. but as for pics, how's the copyright situation of those?
<KingAragorn> yeah have a rumours section and make sure it states that the information is un-proven
Theoden1 throws mastodon bone
Huan catches in teeth and buries in backyard
<Ambartur> wookieepedia has a non-canon divider, maybe something like that?
<Hyarion> okay, so a Rumors section it is, next is pictures
<Hyarion> I'm not 100% sure but I would imagine if someone is able to take a photograph of something then there is little New Line can do.
<KingAragorn> include them in the rumours section yes, but only "good" ones
<Hyarion> However I think we would be fine in allowing images to be uploaded, as long as the photographer is given credit, and if New Line asks us to take it down, we do so.
<Theoden1> OK
<Ederchil> agree. if the photographer was on prohibited ground, and we publish it...
<Hyarion> I honestly don't see any harm coming to TG, worst case scenario is we take it down upon being asked.
<Ederchil> okay. problem solved
<Ambartur> would it not be prudent to approach all artists we have to verify its okay to have their work on here?
<Ederchil> we have for some
<Hyarion> but yes we do need to stick with at least good quality images as there are going to be so many pictures, we have a lot of hard drive space but not infinite amounts
<Hyarion> We haven't been able to get a hold of every artist but I do think that is something we will be more strict on in the future.
<Hyarion> We'll leave images for another week though.
<Hyarion> Anyone else have any comments on rumors/spoilers?
<Theoden1> Done
<Ederchil> yeah, NO SPECULATION
<Hyarion> It looks like Ederchil is up again with namespace articles and their categorization?
<Ederchil> yeah.
<Ederchil> I took some time to find them all (probably still a couple uncategorized)
<Ederchil> itś a lot, and itś not really good for navigation of the category
<Hyarion> agreed
<Ambartur> I hate to sound like a noob, but can someone explain to me what is the issue?
<Huan> same here
<Ambartur> are we not cat. right?
<Hyarion> We just need to work on proper categorization, which reminds me I need to install the Category Tree extension so we can have a better overview of how everything is categorized.
<KingAragorn> yeah I found the servers page the other day and categorized it but the categorisation needs to be more specific
<Ederchil> probably needs a separate (and bigger) help category too
<Theoden1> Pics from the Hobbit set, guys
<Theoden1> Pics from the Hobbit set, guys
<Hyarion> indeed, Help needs a lot of expansion
<Theoden1> Pics from the Hobbit set, guys
<Ederchil> yes, Theoden1?
<Hyarion> Theoden1, yes we heard you the first time :)
<Theoden1> Pics from the Hobbit set, guys
<Hyarion> I think Theoden1 is having technical problems.
<Theoden1> Pics from the Hobbit set, guys
<KingAragorn> lol whats goin on?
<Ederchil> picnic?
<Theoden1> Pics, right?
<Hyarion> ?
<Ederchil> ??
<KingAragorn> do you think there's a delay from earler or something
<Theoden1> Sorry, paging prob
<KingAragorn> oh ok
<Huan> wow and i thought i spammed badly
<Hyarion> heh, I think Theoden1 may have done what I've done and scrolled up a bit so he sees a bit of a delay
<Theoden1> Yup
<Ederchil> anyway, back to the point
<Hyarion> I think categorization will get easier as we have less articles to create, more work will be done on editing and not creating articles
<Hyarion> but it is important to make sure everything is categorized, so if you don't know where to put it feel free to ask someone
<Ederchil> another point I had was weeding it out. Book edition? Convention? Documentary?
<Hyarion> just asking on the talk page is probably best
<Hyarion> hmm
<Hyarion> I think all those are worth having :p
<Ambartur> which is something the proj. leader should take a look at in their respective areas
<Hyarion> well, Documentary the least worth, but eventually I want to have an article for all the major book editions
<Hyarion> and there are quite a few conventions, especially more in the future with The Hobbit
<Ederchil> wtf?
<Theoden1> Hih?
<Theoden1> Huh?
<Ederchil> *ment Conference, not convention
<Hyarion> oh well we definitely don't need Conference and Convention
<Hyarion> I'm not sure which is more global/accurate term
<Ederchil> Searching and Disambiguation can be moved to Help namespace
<KingAragorn> ye
<Hyarion> Category:Templates needs to be cleaned up too
<Ederchil> as does Cat:Games.
<Hyarion> indeed
<Theoden1> Yes-too many uncategorized
<Ederchil> needs a sub category Video games at lease
<Ederchil> **least
<Hyarion> yea
<Ambartur> Ill add it to my list
<Hyarion> okay, anyone have anything to add relating to categorization?
<Hyarion> Ambartur, you're next, regarding articles and pronunciations.
<Ambartur> All right, well, i was listening to some of Ardamir's work the other day, and asked him, and he said its very simple to do
<Ambartur> and i have a decent speaking voice, and id like to expand that
<Ederchil> do you have a wide sound range?
<Hyarion> sounds good, and we'll switch to using the audio player, I'll shrink the width of it.
<Ambartur> Ederchil, yes, and of course ill preview it before implementing it on the article
<Hyarion> although we need to make sure you're pronouncing everything right :)
<Ambartur> if there are any reservations, i can post them on my userpage, and if you can give me feedback, that would help
<Theoden1> Sounds good
<Selma> that sounds good, a prview on you user page
<Selma> preview*
<Ambartur> thanks for the love Hyarion :)
<Huan> how bout we call up Chris Lee
<Ederchil> sounds good
<Huan> hes good at that
<Ambartur> as long as he doesnt have to leave merry old england :)
<Ederchil> hehehe
<Selma> what? :p
<Mith> I don't know why he'd want to!
<Ederchil> he doesn want to do The Hobbit unless he can stay in England
<Huan> well he did try out for sweeney todd once
<Hyarion> It might be fair use to extract names pronounced in The Children of Hurin...
<KingAragorn> you know what - I bet if you could actually get to contact him he'll do it!
<Huan> SURE
<Hyarion> KingAragorn, I remember there were a few websites that said "Welcome to" by numerous actors
<Hyarion> I'll see if we can do it.
<Huan> we just get one of the most famous people in the world to do somehting for a wiki site
<Ambartur> Selma,
<Selma> lol, no guysI knew that, I was amazed that you've thought to call CL
<Selma> :p
<Hyarion> :)
<Ambartur> ah :)
<Huan> not only that but he will do it for free
<Selma> I know he wants to do Smaug
<Huan> IM GOOD
<Selma> so that he won't travel :p
<Huan> he would make an awesome Smaug
<Ederchil> Ron Perlman for Smaug
<Huan> of course so would Sean COnnery
<Hyarion> okay, anyone else have anything they'd like to discuss in the meeting?
<Ambartur> james earl jones for smaug
<Huan> he did a great job in Dragonheart
<Ederchil> sounds like a no.
<Huan> Sean Connery
<Mith> Sean Connery no way!
<Hyarion> great, thanks everyone for coming! We'll be here the same time next week.
<Huan> ok
<Huan> hey what do you mean by no way
<Ambartur> sounds great
<Ederchil> leave cutler becket for next week?
<Hyarion> and don't forget the chat is open 24/7, I for one don't leave and most of us can be found chatting in here throughout the week.
<Theoden1> Connery voiced a dragon in another movie
<Huan> Draco
<Mith> I don't like Sean Connery
<Huan> teh movie
<Huan> Dragonheart
<Hyarion> eventually we hope to have another weekly meeting for discussing the legendarium or things Tolkien-related but non-wiki.
<Huan> and he doesnt like you
<KingAragorn> yeah, I guess I'll be project supervisor for the meetings
<Huan> of course
<Mith> He is a terrible actor; Smaug is not Scottish is my head for one!
<Ederchil> agree
<Ambartur> and invtie celebrities? scholars and such?
<Hyarion> we'll save Beckett's discussion for next meeting.
<Hyarion> KingAragorn, sounds good!
<Hyarion> Meeting adjourned.
<Ambartur> yeah KA
<Hyarion> I'll post the log shortly.