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Tolkien Gateway:Meetings/24 August 2008

Tolkien Gateway Meetings
Sunday 24 August 2008, 7pm UTC, #Wiki IRC Channel
PDT (PST + 1) MDT (MST + 1) CDT (CST + 1) EDT (EST + 1)
12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm
BST (GMT + 1) CEST (CET + 1) EEST (EET + 1)
8pm 9pm 10pm

[edit] Agenda

Item Responsible
Open meeting and check attendance. Ederchil
Marketing TG Ederchil
Improving the Featured Article system (rules, set up, etc.), a possible Improvement Drive (or at least a comprehensive system), amongst other things, such as an overhaul of Tolkien Gateway Projects. Lord Cutler Beckett
Improvement of the Images section. Ederchil
Creating an article on the second film to be made by Guillermo del Toro, even though it has no title yet (and probably won't for some time). KingAragorn
End meeting. Ederchil

[edit] Outcome

  • Nothing agreed on Marketing, however contacting other Tolkien communities was mooted. This discussion should continue at the next meeting.
  • The images section needs to be fully categorized, and all need the appropriate copyright template added. This could be achieved using KingAragorn Bot. Naming needs to be more specific, but renaming is only possible for admins to do.
  • A page for the second film to be made by Guillermo del Toro was created, it is found here - The Hobbit (film series).

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