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Tolkien Gateway:Meetings/24 August 2008/Transcript

<Ederchil> So, Marketing
<Ederchil> Hyarion basically wants more people to know about TG.
<Ederchil> any ideas?
<Ederchil> that don't cost money?
<Rosie> That's a great idea.
<KingAragorn> well thats gonna be a problem without money
<KingAragorn> but there are ways to do it
<Ederchil> that don't cost *MUCH* money
<KingAragorn> oh ok
<Rosie> I have been known to 'draw people in' to TG
<Rosie> Yes Hyarion? :P
<Ederchil> other than advertising ourselves on fora, any ideas?
<KingAragorn> I think maybe we should look into contacting other Tolkien communities on the web
<KingAragorn> ie. the one
<KingAragorn> getting links on these sites as a start
<Ederchil> Hyarion isn't really big friends with TORn, the way I understood it
<Ederchil> but he is with TolkienLibrary
<KingAragorn> what if we contact TORn
<Ederchil> maybe we can get our site in other sites' "links" list?
<KingAragorn> yeah exactly
<KingAragorn> so what sites?
<Ederchil> start with the big boys, ofc ;)
<KingAragorn> the more official websites will be quite difficult
<KingAragorn> but it's worth a good try
<Ederchil> doesnt have a links list, checked
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<KingAragorn> anyone else got any ideas
<Ederchil> hi totom
<KingAragorn> anyone??!??!
<Korusef> hmm cons?
<KingAragorn> cons?
<Ederchil> conventions
<KingAragorn> ah
<Ederchil> oxonmoot is coming up
<Ederchil> anyone attending?
<totom> I thought that to attend you had to have a paper ready ? :-)
<Ederchil> oh yeah, Oxonmoot is Big League
<Korusef> well there is alway discussion with other fans without presentation :)
<KingAragorn> don't the tolkien society send out publications now and then
<Ederchil> any other conventions? SDCC is just gone... Ring*con? Tolkien Thing?
<Rosie> brb
<Ederchil> theoden1, any ideas?
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<Ederchil> well, conventions and links lists would do for now. maybe come back to it next week?
<KingAragorn> yeah this is something Hyarion would be good to discuss with
<KingAragorn> ok next
<Ederchil> cutler beckett: skip?
<Ederchil> If he doesn't show next week we'll discuss it without him
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<Ederchil> or does anyone want to discuss it now?
<Ederchil> okay, I take that silence as a no.
<KingAragorn> yeah
<Ederchil> Next issue: the images section
<Ederchil> my main concern involved correctly naming them and fairuse templates
<Ederchil> because we're too ignorant with copyrights
<Ederchil> fairuse templates is probably going to be botwork.
<KingAragorn> well I have a bot
<Ederchil> yeah, I though of this as itÅ› maiden job
<KingAragorn> so any image without a fairuse template add one?
<Ederchil> well, there are several fairuse templates
<Ederchil> you can start with faireuse-cover, for book covers
<Ederchil> but a lot of book covers are still uncategorised
<KingAragorn> oh then it's gonna be difficult, but i'll look into that
<Ederchil> there's also fairuse-pj
<Ederchil> that would be simpler
<KingAragorn> yeah ok, so i'll use my bot to add copyright notices what about the naming?
<Theoden1> Sorry--I'm back
<Ederchil> well, it won't be botwork.
<Ederchil> and it would require deletion rights. basically renaming all images Artist - Name of artwork
<Ederchil> reuploading and deleting
<Ederchil> theoden1, welcome back
<Theoden1> Hi
<KingAragorn> wb Theoden
<Ederchil> well, we've shot through this one. Now, you're up, KA
<Ederchil> the second hobbit film
<Theoden1> I saw some of the fairuse templates
<Ederchil> oh, i'm going too fast again
<Ederchil> any thought on those, theoden1?
<Theoden1> Haven't heard much
<Ederchil> well, we would need additional fairuse-vivendi, fairuse-melbournehouse, maybe some more?
<KingAragorn> ye
<Ederchil> which ones?
<KingAragorn> I don't know
<Ederchil> more artist templates
<Theoden1> ttyl
<Ederchil> gone again?
<Ederchil> okay, then now your point, KA.
<Ederchil> are we the only ones still actove?
<Ederchil> *active
<KingAragorn> is it worth creating an article on the second film by del Tero?
<Ederchil> I think so. there's not much on it yet, but still
<Ederchil> "Unnamed Hobbit sequel"?
<KingAragorn> "Guillermo del Toro's Film Two"
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<KingAragorn> film two was the official title used by PJ and GdT when they had that web chat
<Ederchil> okay. we could do that, and link to the web chat
<Ederchil> maybe put an {{unnamed}} in there too
<KingAragorn> yeah sounds good
<Ederchil> oh, coming back to last week's discussion - leaked images
<KingAragorn> go on
<Ederchil> can we sort of agree that leaked images are only uploaded after consensus?
<Ederchil> not by new editors who go "omg lol to the wiki"
<KingAragorn> yeah that sounds good too
<Ederchil> good. that more or less concludes the meeting, unless there is anything someone wants off his chest...
<KingAragorn> nope
<Ederchil> good. bit of a short, unproductive meeting with low attendance.
<KingAragorn> ok so for next week we've gotta make sure that anyone who wants to attend the meeting signs there name on a page somewhere
<Ederchil> yeah, that way we know who we wait for
<KingAragorn> i'll sort that out later then
<Ederchil> I for one doubt that Cutler shows
<KingAragorn> I contacted him earlier but if he doesn't reply I won't add it to the next agenda
<Ederchil> I agree. He hasn't shown at all since his entrance
<Ederchil> okay, meeting officially closed.