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Tolkien Gateway:Meetings/7 September 2008

Tolkien Gateway Meetings
Sunday 7 September 2008, 7pm UTC, #Wiki IRC Channel
PDT (PST + 1) MDT (MST + 1) CDT (CST + 1) EDT (EST + 1)
12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm
8pm 9pm 10pm

[edit] Agenda

Item Responsible
Open meeting and check attendance. Hyarion
Carrying over un-discussed items from last week's agenda (standards for songs and poems; and featured article, improvement drive and projects). Mith
Naming conventions of film articles. (e.g. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring -> The Fellowship of the Ring (2001 film)) Hyarion
Discussion on how far and how much of the information and related facts from the films we should include on TG. Mith
As referencing is increasingly becoming an issue of importance, perhaps we need a style guide on referencing (e.g. should we put author's names, put in author names except for book written by Tolkien, page numbers, chapter titles, ISBNs, what order these should go in, etc. etc.). Mith
End meeting. Hyarion

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