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Tolkien Gateway Meetings
Sunday 8 January 2012, 8pm UTC, #Wiki IRC Channel
PDT (PST + 1) MDT (MST + 1) CDT (CST + 1) EDT (EST + 1)
12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm
8pm 9pm 10pm

[edit] Agenda and outcome

Item Responsible Member Discussion Point Outcome
#1 KingAragorn Meeting opening. Mith, Amroth, Ederchil, Gamling, Hyarion, KingAragorn, Morgan were all present. Seregdae intended to attend, but did not.
#2 KingAragorn Can we make sure that articles in the index namespace are included in search results by default? Mith implemented it there and then.
#3 KingAragorn How should we deal with long sections within articles? (i.e. Gandalf#Names) Possible solutions include:
  • just keeping the content on the article as normal;
  • moving it to a sub-page;
  • or employing the use of a scrollable DIV (along the lines of this).

Amroth added this additional, but related, question: In regards to the sub-page option above, where should we redirect to?

  • Main Article?
  • Sub-page?
  • Header in the sub-page?
It was agreed that the content should remain on the article as normal, but that in exceptional circumstances (such as Gandalf#Names) it should be put into a sub-article and added to "See also".
#4 Morgan Articles starting with "A" or "An" - should they be sorted under the following letter (with defaultsort, like articles starting with "The")? The idea was quickly accepted.
#5 KingAragorn What can we do to stop scaring off new, particularly anonymous, editors? It was agreed that we should be less harsh on new and anonymous editors. Rather than simply reverting their edits because they were not sourced, they should be referenced (if known and not too obscure). If an edit was reverted, an explanation should be left in the edit summary box.
#6 KingAragorn Adjournment discussions and meeting adjournment. Morgan asked whether or not we should continue to use the word "Etymology" as the word for sections in articles which usually provide an explanation for the name. Various suggestions were put forward, but it was agreed that we should continue with current conventions (these were accepted as being the use of "Etymology" and "Other names and titles").

Ederchil then suggested that we should split up our "Portrayal in adaptations" sections into different headers by type. It was agreed in principle and Ederchil planned to iron out the details.

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