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"Ulfang" by Liz Danforth
Biographical Information
Other names"Ulfang the Black"
PositionChieftain of Easterlings
LocationAround the March of Maedhros
BirthFirst Age
ChildrenUldor, Ulfast and Ulwarth
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Ulfang

Ulfang the Black was an Easterling chieftain.


[edit] History

After entering Beleriand at Morgoth's bidding, Ulfang and his sons Ulfast, Ulwarth, and Uldor joined the service of Caranthir. They were given lands to dwell in the north and south of the March of Maedhros.[1] Ulfang was secretly in the employ of Morgoth, and his sons betrayed the Eldar and Edain during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.[2]

[edit] Genealogy

b. F.A.
d. F.A. 472
d. F.A. 472
d. F.A. 472

[edit] Etymology

Ulfang was probably not his true name, as it seems to be Sindarin for "Ugly Beard": ul- ("ugly") and fang ("beard").[3]

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

It is unknown when Ulfang died or if he was alive or dead by the time of the Nirnaeth or still alive after. In the appendix of The Lost Road it states that Ulfand (earlier form of Ulfang) was born in the year 100, and died in 170. When comparing the dates with the Earliest Annals of Beleriand Ulfand died two years before the battle which started at 172.[4]


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